A Whole SunDay Out..

After Church we went for lunch at a nearby hawker centre, even though we just had breakfast approximately three hours earlier Yowza! We then decided to walk part if it off by going on foot all the way from the Church to our home which is about 800 metres and mind you it was a hot sunny afternoon.

Rested at home for about 45mins before it was out the door once again and straight to the train station where we rode the train all the way to Orchard. Went shopping at Tangs and Ngee Ann City for about 4 hours, and spent a whopping total of $350 (well it’s alot to me!) What did we buy? Well…six hotwheel cars, a haversack, a pouch, a small heart-shaped box of chocolates, a tie, and two blouses for my wife. ( I was alone with the kids) We then had dinner there before taking the train all the way forward to Marina Bay, before heading back to Woodlands just so that we could have seats all the way back home.

Just outside Causeway Point Shopping Centre, we managed to catch sight of some of the floats used for the Chingay Parade. Took a few pics and it was home at last! Phew!

In Front Of the Fountain ( With Flash)

Same shot w/out Flash!

Smile a little smile for me…..

See where I am mummy?


Kids were fascinated with this big screen with the models walking down the runway in one of the stores….can’t remember the name though…

Kenan wanted a pic with the car in the background…

This one….

One of the Chingay Floats….

With The Flag Troupe….

Those same floats drove by our Flat….

5 Responses

  1. Aiyo the boys T-shirts damn nice!!!

    Isn’t the pic with Growlll….saying “why don’t buy a Godma a ring for her finger?”

    Aiyo tot tweet…buy blouse for wife all….

  2. awww..he is so cute in that pose!! hhehee…

    and darn…i missed the floats…

  3. i like your son’s t-shirt lol. alcatraz psych ward haha!!

  4. Sharkbait : Wah lau eh! Boi Paiseh….we all know you bought it for them lah! hee hee And you wish!….he was actually trying to imitate an Ostrich…god knows only why! 😆

    Oh and people have given their feedback that they love your blog…..more than mine…*sniff*

    just kidding!

    Eileen : Thanks and there’s always next year…erm maybe you can participate.

    Neil : It would have been more appropriate for the Father mun! 😉

  5. soo cute ~~

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