A Thought On Infidelity….


On infidelity and fornication……

It’s like climbing a mountain without a jacket, you can still reach the peak but after a while it gets very cold!

Julian Tan 2007

Book Review – The Cold Moon By Jeffrey Deaver

Synopsis : Lincoln Rhyme returns in The Cold Moon, a roller coaster of a thriller that pits Lincoln and Amelia Sachs against time itself.

On a freezing December night, with a full moon hovering in the black skies over New York City, two people are brutally murdered—their prolonged deaths marked by eerie calling-cards: moon-faced clocks ticking away the victims’ last minutes on earth. More murders are planned, and Rhyme and his team have only hours to stop the icy-cold, brilliant Watchmaker, whose obsession with time drives him to plan his carnage with the precision of a fine timepiece. While the cat-and-mouse search for the killer proceeds, Amelia Sachs must balance her efforts to catch the Watchmaker with her job as lead detective on the first homicide case of her own, in which she unearths shocking revelations from the past that threaten to undermine her very relationship with Lincoln Rhyme.

I am now officially a fan of Mr Deaver! Wow! what a story, with the wonderful twist and turns as the plot thickens is nothing short of amazing.  Of course all great Authors would have a great team behind him….but the fact remains that he truly is a mastermind!  Thank goodness he is on the right side of the law *chuckles* What I love about his books other than the amazing thrills and spins is that you can learn something from them, for instance in this one he talks about the use of Kinesics to help solve some unanswered questions.  There are also a few other gems in it but I’ll leave you to discover them on your own.

Show Me Obi Wan…

Well this post isn’t really a show me how, but rather a show me the end result.  If you recall some time back, I blogged about how my father was teaching me to make a whistle out of coconut leaves.  Well this time he did his version of a caterpillar using the coconut leaf.  I only got to see the end result as I was busy doing something else. *sigh*

I’ll have to go look for some more coconut leaves to learn I guess…..anyhow without further ado here are three pics of them.


The Caterpillar….

you can’t really tell that it hands from the stem of the coconut leaf


A little closer view….


A close up on the design without flash…

Little Silly Things That Some People Do….

  • Some will press the traffic light button numerous times thinking it will change to ‘Walk’ faster.
  • Some press the Up button on the Elevator when they want to go Down.
  • Some press the Down button on the Elevator when they want to go Up.
  • They make ‘Symbols’ for the Open or Close buttons in the Elevators which often confuses people.
  • Some will put on their Sunday Best for outings or dinner at a friend’s place but dress down for church.
  • Some will face and even hold on to the pole in Squat Toilets though the bowl is designed for the reverse way or is it now? *chuckles*
  • Some would rather switch on the lights during the day then to draw the curtains.
  • Some set their watches ahead so they will not be late and are shocked when they still are!
  • Some wear their shoes and socks out for a day at the beach.
  • Some who gamble will scream or shout out loud before looking at their hand perhaps thinking it might scare a bad hand away. (actually there are so many other quirky stuff some gamblers would do or say)

I’m sure you’ve had your own encounters or have seen some silly things people do like myself, if so please feel free to share…..*winks*

Parent & Teacher Meeting On Mother Tongue

Yesterday evening there was a session held to meet Seth’s Chinese Teacher and to have some idea of the school’s curriculum.

First and foremost let me just say that my Mother Tongue is English, after all Mom is a Eurasian! So if the meeting was on Father Tongue then I have nothing much to say about it except that I’m hopeless. Chinese is still pretty much foreign to me, though I might get by with a very, very simple conversation mixed with English of course. *grins* That is why I made a pact very early on with my wife that I would cover all the other subjects with Seth with the exception that she handle the Chinese subject.

The first twenty minutes was an address by the School Principal, thankfully in English. Which was then followed by an address on the School’s curriculum and a presentation with slides by a Chinese Teacher. And although I didn’t understand everything, I must say the school’s curriculum looks pretty impressive. Then at the end of it when we finally got to meet the Chinese teacher who teaches Seth, I took my leave and left Mrs Tan to converse with her.

Looks like I have to start scouting for a good tuition teacher for Seth….*sighs*

Two Songs From The Past…..(JD)

Message from JD……

I know you’re someone who can appreciate the golden oldies so I wanted to contribute 2 songs to your blog, hoping you’ve heard them before and that it brings back some fond memories. They definitely brought me back to when I was a wee lad of 6 or 7 years old. Was thinking of setting up a blog just for the golden oldies but I didn’t think the response would be good.

Here are the songs:

To Know Him Is To Love Him by The Teddybears

Making Believe by Emmylou Harris

Dinner At Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant

Venue : Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant
Address : 737 Havelock Road Singapore
Tel : 62787026

Went for dinner here last night with my Boss and colleagues, where there was no corkage charge for the wines we brought. The food was really good, one dish in particular was unique to me as I hadn’t tried it before. (Roast Chicken Fish Paste)

Again when I got there, I forgot to take a pic of the first dish which was two medium sized steamed (cold) crab because I was hungry. It was nice with lots of roe, one crab had yellow roe while the other one had rarely found white roe.

The signage
Hor Fun with Chai Por
Steamed Pomfret
Baby Chai Sim with Garlic
Orh Lua (Oyster Omelette )
Braised Duck with Toufu
Roast Chicken Fish Paste
Close up of the topside and Ah Char (pickled vegetables)
The fish paste under the roast chicken skin with sesame
Orh Nee ( Yam Paste Dessert)
Love it done this way cos they use Bak Yu (pork lard) to cook it…
Madame after a little wine…*chuckles*
Dinner for the five of us came up to only $143++