The Funny Thing About WHY?

Either you have questioned or been asked……either way here are my thoughts on some of them…

  • Why do the wrong men stare at me that way? So what if I like to wear micro-minis!
  • Why do the stupid hawkers always get my order wrong?!
  • Why do so many guys always seem to fall for me or try to get cheeky with me? After all I do not flirt, I’m just very friendly!
  • Why aren’t I doing better in my studies?
  • Why do I always feel lousy about myself?
  • Why do people act strangely around me?
  • Why don’t I have any really close friends?
  • Why do people always misunderstand me?!
  • Why do so many people get on my nerves?!
  • Why do I keep running back to him/her? When I know he/she does not love me?!
  • Why do I have to constantly have to shout at the kids for shouting at each other?!
  • Why are there so many rude people around me?

Well if you haven’t figured it out by now, the answer lies within……

Eh? You still look a little lost?…..Well all the person with the question ‘Why?’ has to do is look at one of this for the answer.

4 Responses

  1. Sometimes people fail to see their own weakness / faults and it is always easier to put the blame on others 🙂

  2. By George you’ve got it! *sings* The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain….

    *bear hugs* 🙂

  3. we are always asking why 😛 sometimes we need a wake up call.. lalalallal

  4. Why are you singing the Elmo Song?! 😆

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