In The Future When You Make It Big……

I remember during our early childhood years as my dearest friend and I were growing up, I use to give him little treats or little gifts every now and then with the pocket money I got.  I would also always share whatever toys I had with him. He was always very appreciative but felt a little embarrassed and maybe even a little sad that he couldn’t return the favour.  And I use to tell him that he should never feel obligated in anyway, and joked that one day however if and when he made it big, he had better not forget me!


You see we were staying in opposite flats, he was staying in a one room flat with his family of seven whilst I was staying with my family of four in a three room flat.  The early years were a little bit of a struggle for his family though they never showed it.  I wasn’t from a rich family either, in fact we got by on my Dad’s income as a School Teacher.  My sister and I were very fortunate in that Mom and Dad were never stingy with us, in fact mom’s philosophy was to try and give us everything she could that she herself never had in her own life.  ( And she had very little indeed as she was growing up….that’s another story)

Anyhow fast forwarding 30 years……my dearest friend is now a father of one, with no debts whatsoever! ( wish I could say the same)  and through the years he has been very generous with my family especially during Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Well dear friends in the near future that you do make it big……you won’t forget me will you? *blinks*

5 Responses

  1. care and share…*wink wink* you know what to do hor? 😛

  2. Sigh….still waiting…..

  3. One of my parents was a school teacher too! Aww, how could someone like you be forgotten?

  4. you and g are so the same. she always says that to me too hehe..

  5. Eileen : Erm take up an insurance policy on your life? 😆

    Sharkbait : *sighs* me too….but at least you stand a better chance….

    Kris: That’s why we get along soooo well….and your just soooo sweet to say so….. 😳

    Jill: Well if blood doesn’t count….we did stay under the same roof at the 3 Room flat you know…. *chuckles*

    *bear hugs all round*

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