Hurry Hurry! Purchase Your Wedding Memories!

Well doesn’t it sound or rather look that way when today’s couples go shopping for packages at the Bridal Studios. The average price range is a hefty $2500-$8000! And the bulk of it is on the photography, photographs and albums itself.  The rest of it, in some or majority of the packages would be for the makeup, suit, gowns and wedding car rental.

And why is it that some of these couples feel that if they don’t spend a reasonable sum on such packages or choose the most extensive package then either they will lose out in some way or that their family and friends might think poorly of them?  Yeah you’ll be surprised at the number of couples that feel this way…..

Don’t get me wrong, it’s the couples’ prerogative, and if they can afford it or it’s just pocket change to them then by all means they should go all out for the most expensive package! Besides with the current technology, some of the albums they now have available is nothing short of amazing.

However if they have a limited budget, then I think they should cut their clothes or rather their suits and gowns according to their cloth. What is the point of keeping up with Tans’, Lims’, Rodrigues’ etc. and ending up in debt.

If memory serves me right, our package was just slightly under $2000, not because we were being cheap but rather being practical. We also didn’t want an outdoor shoot simply because to us that would have been like a creation of fake memories. Moreover we didn’t like the idea of going around Singapore which is usually hot and humid and suffer in our Suit and Gown respectively, to pose at some beach, office buildings, man-made waterfalls, Supreme Court, Bird Park, Zoo et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. 

So all our photos from the Bridal Studio were done indoors.  And my outfits which included a traditional Chinese one and the Wedding Suit of which I was extremely happy with, were tailor-made elsewhere.

We were very happy and content with the albums we got from the bridal studio as well as the other works of a personal photographer friend who took the photographs during the wedding ceremony, reception and dinner. This saved up quite a fair bit…….which we used on our honeymoon.

Well today our albums are in the cupboards, free from dust awaiting human touch…*grins*

Here are a few photos of the latest album they have today….Beautifully done I might add! All laser printed I think…hence there are no photo edges, more magazine-like and finger print resistant and made to last a lifetime maybe even two! Check out the various layouts too! Oh they are of my colleague who got married in January….erm remember the blog entry of the wedding dinner at Meritus Mandarin?

An unassuming album

Full Spread on the first page….

Storyboard showing the wedding story starting from the solemnization…


The storyline contrast from colour to Black & White then back to colour again …

Tea Ceremony with both sides of the family…

Family Portraits…

Wedding Dinner! Can you spot me??


4 Responses

  1. woah… nice !!

    i like e preparation tt pg…

  2. erm…the Rodrigues’ in your blog wouldnt happen to be me right?

    anyways, swine…thanks for the reminder of the big hole in the pocket!

  3. jieying: I like the way they did the whole album.. 🙂

    Ophelia : Oops is that your last name? Perhaps I should have spelt it with a ‘Z’ at the end instead. 😳

    Awwwww your album and pics must be fantastic! Forget the $$$$ lah……here’s to wonderful memories!


  4. oooh nice

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