My Comfy Red Monkey

No not a soft toy, slippers, blanket or family member! *glares* 

Ha ha!  

I am actually referring to my pair of RMC Jeans which came in a very nice wooden box.  I bought it about a year and a half ago but the cut was way too big for me even though the waistline was correct.  Also the funny thing about this pair of jeans is that it is meant to be lengthy so that you can big-fold it at the ends.  

However I wasn’t very comfortable with wearing it that way so after finally sending it for alterations, I am finally wearing it the way I like it.  The only thing I really detest is that it’s a button fly!  Super inconvienient if you really need to go!……and I don’t mean for a quickie! *chuckles*


2 Responses

  1. very cool designs. how about you model them for your readers? haha 😉

  2. If I reach my goal at the end of this year, then I’ll consider modeling it like one of those Calvin Klein Male Models otherwise I’ll just continue to model for Marge Simpson! 😆

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