Book Review – The Simple Truth By David Baldacci

Plot Outline : Behind the scenes, the U.S. Supreme Court is a battleground of egos, intellects, and power. Here brilliant young attorney Mike Fiske toils as an elite foot soldier. His colleague Sara Evans is clerking for a female Court justice who is powerfully connected to Congress. But Sara, whose career has limitless possibilities, is becoming a key player in a struggle that will link a convicted murderer to the Court.

Far from the imposing facade of the High Court is the world of street crime, prison time, and bare-knuckles criminal courts defense. In a Virginia military prison Rufus Harms is just one more lifer claiming innocence. Convicted of killing a girl on an army base twenty-five years ago, Harms smuggles a desperate letter out of his prison cell. It’s a bombshell — an appeal to the Supreme Court — that claims he was forced to commit murder. Suddenly everyone who has anything to do with Harms or the appeal mysteriously dies…..

How can anyone not love a story which has a little of everything it in it? Law at it’s highest and lowest form, murder,mystery, thriller, romance, suspense, sibling rivalry, brotherly love, jealously and even politics!

Well when there is a will, there certainly is a way so I have concluded when reading some of the mixed reviews. Personally I loved the book! The author not only gives us a little window view of the ‘innards’ of the Supreme Court Legal System but also those of the Lower Courts which governs the rest. Then there is the great mystery thriller which leaves you a little at the edge of your seat trying to figure who else is involved. I even teared a little at certain parts of the story, so YES I would say this is definitely a GOOD read!

( T-minus 1 Day) 

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