Out Of Bloggersphere


I will be out of the bloggersphere from 08 Mar 2008 To 11 Mar 2008. For all your blog reading needs you may wish to click on any of the links on my ‘blogroll’ *grins*

All comments you leave at this time will be attended to when I return.

Well have fun and take good care of yourselves!

P.S. I love ya’ll! *chuckles*

P.S.S. And if you didn’t realise it by now, you can now access my blog via


6 Responses

  1. ooo where are you going!

  2. have fun..! *huggies*

  3. u gone to hk rite?

  4. undersurface: Pretty sure I mentioned it earlier on the T-minus 9days leh? Berjaya Time Square…. 🙂

    Eileen : Yup managed to….barely…but still… 😉

    Neil: Close enough…hee hee Not HK but KL…. 😆


  5. Welcome back Jules 🙂 Returned to share the highlights? Did your family accompany you during this vacation? I hope all is well there.

  6. Thanks dear, and yup shortly…Yes they did and all turned out well…. Not sure if I should break it up into parts cos it’s a little picture intensive and what an adventure!!! 😯

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