Trip To K.L. Berjaya Times Square

08 Mar – 10 Mar 2008

Perhaps I should have entitled it Jule’s “A Series Of Unfortunate Events!” It all began early that morning when the alarm I set for 0445hrs did not work! We all woke up at 0700hrs instead and had to literally rush out the door. We were to meet my mum-in-law at the Golden Mile bus station at 0730hrs to catch our 0800hrs Coach. And it only arrived to pick us up at 0815hrs.

Then there was the two hour plus jam at the 2nd link on the Singapore Customs side all thanks to ‘Mas Selamat Kasturi.’ When we finally reached ‘Yong Peng’ for a lunch stop, we were already famished! After eating our fill we were given more bad news, our Coach apparently was having engine problems and so we have to wait for a replacement.

Finally after an hour wait on a HOT SUNNY afternoon the replacement Coach arrived and drove us to our destination. We finally reached the Times Square Hotel at a quarter to six. A normal journey by Coach to K.L. would have taken 5-6hrs at most, whilst ours lasted 9hrs long!

We were upgraded to an impressive suite which of course had nothing to do with our earlier adventure. We then took a little time to freshen up before heading on for dinner.

Dinner was good but all things on this fateful day seem destined to go awry. Kenan wasn’t quite satisfied with the food and insisted on having a fried chicken wing. And as it was not served at the restaurant we were at, I walked over to ‘Mary Brown’s’ to get him a piece. While waiting for my order, I noticed my kids swinging on the swing seats they had. Then one of the swings hit the empty table in front of them, so I walked briskly to tell them to behave and not to swing so hard. Just as I approached them, a chinese man seated with his children started yelling at them. I disciplined Seth before going back to the counter to get my order.

Then all of a sudden, I felt the blood rushing to my head as I pictured the guy shouting earlier at my sons. So I turned and shouted at them to behave themselves as I didn’t like other people shouting at them. As I passed that Chinese guy he had the cheek to tell me that all he said to them was “Jangan Main!” ( Don’t Play) This is what I told him out loud ,” First and foremost my kids don’t speak Malay! And secondly you could have just told them nicely to stop and they would listen. If I were you I would mind my own kids before I get my head bashed in!” I just hate it when I lose my cool!

After Kenan finished up his chicken wing I brought him back next door to Mary Brown’s to wash his hands, a nice young manageress came up to me to ask if I was alright, I told her I was fine and that I just didn’t like strangers shouting at my kids. She smiled and told me that she totally understood as she had two young kids herself. I thought it was a very nice gesture of her to come up and check on us, as you don’t get that sort of service too often there especially at a fast food outlet.

Well after that I went for a little Shopping Therapy, I was the only one in the family who bought anything that evening and the Therapy only cost $200Rm++

The next two days were a great improvement and we had fun all the way!….Erm well the kids definitely did! ha ha.

On the second day we started out with an International Buffet at the Hotel then it was 2-3hrs of kiddie rides at the Indoor Theme Park. Madam and I even managed to squeeze in an Adult Roller Coaster ride which was fabulous considering that it was indoors. Then it was a cab ride to KLCC where we had lunch at the ‘Penang Kafe’ YUMMYLICIOUS! I tell ya! After which it was a little shopping there, Frances was getting a little frustrated because she didn’t seem to find anything she wanted to buy. I pointed out a necklace which I offered to purchase for her, and she really liked it so much that she had to get a matching set of earrings to go with it! Yes I had to pay for them too!

We then took a cab back to the hotel where we showered, got changed and it was dinner with the rest of the family at the ‘Overseas Restaurant’. They gave a private room which could seat thirty and I must point out that even the door number was auspicious. *grins* The food there was great! After dinner we made our way back to the hotel, I brought the kids again to the Theme Park for an hour plus then back to the room where I got myself changed before heading on to the lounge to watch soccer later that evening.

Before the soccer matches started I felt like a little bit like ‘Simon Cowell’ when I had no choice but to listen to the Filipino Band that was playing that evening. They must have been ‘Lounge Rejects’ because I am not exaggerating when I say they were bad! So much so that I wanted to slit my own wrists when the female lead was trying to hit the high notes! *shivers at the thought* As for the soccer games that night, well it makes you wonder if all the bookies like ‘Will Hill’ etc. are the ones actually controlling all the games! Wouldn’t be much of a surprise eh?

Day three, we forewent our International Buffet breakfast for a much better spread at a local coffee shop. Then it was more shopping at ‘Sungei Wang Plaza’ before it was back to the hotel to check out. Made one last minute purchase, an anniversary gift for my wife in advance *chuckles* Then it was the Coach back home….Oh and I almost forgot to mention that this time round it was a Super Deluxe Coach with individual TV screens, Movie, Music and Game Consoles, fully automated luxury recliner seats! Journey time back to home 6hrs….

On the Coach To KL

Lunch at Yong Peng

Chewing up my lunch…

What’s with the face? The sun is behind you….

Colourful Carp Fountain

That was the last time we saw this coach…

Same funny look….

Six Feet Long Arrowana!

Water Lily

Close up


Much better….thanks…

Feeding the Kois..

Entrance to our Hotel

Hotel Check-In…

Our Bedroom

Reverse Angle of our Bedroom

Bathtub,Shower, Toilet Bowl…and oops chopped off the Bidet.


Living Room with a Desk in the top-left corner…

Reverse Angle of the Living Room


2nd Bedroom

Seth’s sitting on the Bidet…


The View from our room..

Another View…

My Honey Ribs Dinner….

Baked Rice With Twin Sauce Chicken

Fried Spaghetti with Chicken

Sour Plum Drink…

International Breakfast Buffet…

Early that morning outside the Theme Park Entrance…

Ticketing Counter

Theme Park Prices…

5th Storey Adult Rides

Child of the Corn…hee hee

Kids Viking Ship


Bumble Bee Ride…

Away we go…


Ferris Bus…

Giant Strawberry & Ice Cream Cone

Car Ride with Mummy….

Caught eating the kid’s cotton candy…

Rear View Mirror Shot…

Train Ride…

Here’s a giant piece for you!

Feed me sugar and I’ll be awfully sweet…

Teacup Surprise….

Guess Who?

Are you ready?…


Lunch at the Little Penang Kafe

Nice China….

Ice Chendol!

Nasi Lemak

Lum Mee!


Char Kway Teow


Mirror Image of the 3 of us…

Kenan the Mannequin

Seth the Mannequin

Little Dr. Jekyl

Little Mr. Hyde


Matching Earrings

Dressed For Dinner….

On the way to the Restaurant…

Dinner at….

Private Room Door Numbers

Dual Style Cod Fish!

After dinner…

Back to the Theme Park…

Through the Train Tunnel

Day Three – on the way for breakfast …

Just before checking-out of the hotel…

Seth & Mama (Granny)

Little one on the Coach Back…

Playing Super Mario Bros…

Very Happy with her last minute gift!

8 Responses

  1. much for the initial hiccups . And yeah..i too would be angry at that man too .

    Great to see u guys having so much fun 🙂

    see u soon *huggies*

  2. Welcome back!!! 🙂

    I love the necklace and the matching earings that you bought for madam 🙂 Good choice.

  3. Wow that looks sooo fun 😀

    I ❤ the mannequin shots. Teheee so cuteeee

  4. Thank you ladies…it’s great to be back and thanks for the warm welcome back…*grins*

    *Big Bear Huggies*

  5. As always, everyone’s so photogenic! Very classy accommodations and by the looks of it, the bed must have been heavenly. You must feel loved with such a beautiful family 🙂

  6. 😳 why thank you madame and well like in all families there’s good times then there’s bad times… 😉

  7. I’m glad the family had loads of fun…and I’m glad you are happy. 🙂

    Love the necklace and earrings!

  8. Wish you could have joined us….. 😉

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