Creepy Children Mannequins

Yikes! I almost forgot about these pictures of creepy children mannequins I took at Metrojaya in Sungei Wang Plaza.  Is it just me or are they as creepy to you?

*drum roll*  And now for the grand finale…………………………………



16 Responses

  1. Erm…the last one don’t look creepy… 🙂

  2. Erm I thought mannequins were to showcase the clothing, why does this one have his mouth open as though he is about to scream? Is screaming or about to bite something or someone? 😆

  3. Hey jules, you can the Quality by Barenaked Ladies as at yr sidebar? Can give me the song pretty please?

    I simply loved it!! 🙂

  4. Well if I can get hold of the song, I’ll send it to you but I don’t have it. The playlist is one I selected off Sonific which controls the files itself. I haven’t figured out how to extract it from the cache in Firefox yet. I think there is a way to do so….perhaps if you’re using IE you can check the cache after the song is completed and see if it’s there? The only ones I have are those under the Musical Eggs…

    Cheers! 🙂

  5. those mannequins look so real its disturbing

  6. o_____________________o

  7. Neil: To me they just look disturbing more so if they were real children…..YIKES! 😆

    undersurface: I still have no idea what o___________o means? 😕

  8. hehehehe..

    those mann. look ugly! fugly

    and that one with the mouth open..hmmmm.. perhaps he is trying to speak? :PpP

    0____________0 —–> some kind of smiley facE?

  9. Yeap, he’s trying to say how gorgeous you look…*chuckles*

    Hey I thought you were still in tune with all the smileys, symbols of the young teenagers today? 😛

  10. Those could be real kids that were kidnapped and waxed over….urgghh!!!

    The last pic looks strangely familiar…errrrr

  11. Thanks for making my skin crawl!

    Erm Damien?…..*shudders*


  12. eileen : “0____________0 —–> some kind of smiley facE?”

    -nod nod-


  13. it’s a very, erm, shocked expression. Tehe . Like :O Imagine opening your eyes big big big o_o

  14. Oh So Des Ne! thanks…. 🙂

  15. well done, bro

  16. thanks bro..

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