Dinner Gathering At Yet Con Restaurant

Venue : Yet Con Restaurant

Location : Purvis Street

Well I wouldn’t actually call it a restaurant as it was more like a good old fashioned coffee shop! But hey the food was delicious and surprisingly cheap! Not forgetting that the wonderful company made it extra special.

The eight of us ate to our heart’s content and the bill came up to only…….guess? Come on you can do it……….Yes? Just give it a shot…….*glares* Seriously……I said cheap not that it was practically free!

*drum roll* Eighty five dollars nett!

Yes we had fun! Cos the usual suspects were up to their famous antics and banter! And after dinner we went to Starbucks at Marina Square for coffee, cake and an extra serving of…….Yes you guessed it FUN!

*whispers to Gotham & Andrew* Thanks for the wonderful 15mins of male bonding we managed to squeeze in privately…hee hee ( Readers Keep your thoughts Clean ok?!)

Here are some pics….before, during and after….

CAUGHT! By Paparazzi!


The Menu since 1940 *chuckles*

Left hand side of the menu…

For those who cannot read English or Chinese

there are pictures on the menu for you to point…*grins*

Meditating to keep the hunger pangs at bay….

First there was the stove….

Then the stock and foodstuff…..

Two servings of Hainanese Chicken….

Dumbkoff Photographer (me) trying to take a pic of the ‘Siew Bak’ but

placed the camera over the steaming steamboat! Arrgh!

‘Aces Go Places’ Star!

(Pic was taken at great personal risk cos this ‘star’ has John McEnroe’s temperament)

ha ha!

The Dynamic Duo…..returns

Uncle and Niece….heh heh….

Checking the 4D results realizing later that it was only FRIDAY!

Till our next outing…..Cheers Mates!

11 Responses

  1. Looks appetising! Must have been worth every penny…

  2. We use cents here in Singapore hon….and yes it was worth every cent! 😆

  3. hahaha….the paparazzi shot is fugly :}

    great captions for the pics~

  4. Paparazzi shots are rarely nice…. 😛

    And thanks dear! *hugs*

  5. it was on friday? the younger stompers were at sakura orchard rd

  6. Anyone blogged about it? Pics? ❓

  7. so far only on kc’s blog. haha ours bigger den yours!!!!!!

  8. Argh……am sure you guys enjoy those 15mins 🙂 *Grins* Hope to catch up with you all again soon….

  9. Neil: What’s bigger? Just look at our sizes in the pics! We beat you all hands down!! And we can always compare the other stuff on another day.. 😆

    Liz: *Bear hugs*

  10. in terms of group size, mine wins. in terms of others sizes, that 1 hard to say hahaha!!

  11. Not really hard to say, just open your mouth slightly and utter the following, “Other than group size, your man-sizes are much bigger.” 😆

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