My Little Travel Tips…

laptjet.jpg Well I figured since these little things have made my trips a little more pleasant, enjoyable, safe and secure that I thought I’d share them. Besides I also wanted to note them down for future use.

  • Always buy Travel Insurance no matter how short your trip ( unless it’s just a day trip across the Causeway ) and keep a copy of the policy handy together with their hotline number.
  • Medication – Always remember to bring your prescription medication and a list of their generic names in case you need to purchase them while overseas. Also it’s always good to pack the Kid’s cough and cold medication regardless of whether they need it.
  • First Aid Kit – It is always good to pack one with a few plasters, antiseptic cream, anti-diarrhea pills, gauze, stomach oil, paracetamol, chlorpheniramine.
  • A tiny bottle of Dettol which is handy not so much for the Hotel toilets lest it’s a cheap Motel but for the public toilets or whatever else.
  • I almost always pack a couple of old T-shirts that I have no intention of bringing back. So that after use I can throw them away or use them to wipe off excess water from the bathroom floor etc.
  • If it’s a planned shopping trip, I would always bring along an extra foldable luggage with locks.
  • A small backpack which I carry a bottle of water, sunglasses etc. Also great for carrying back shopping items.
  • A very small spray bottle filled with distilled or pure drinking water which makes a great refreshing atomizer on a humid day or can turn any dry tissue into a wet one for cleaning up.
  • If travelling with kids, you will definitely want to pack some stuff like games, activity books etc. to keep them pre-occupied on the long journey.
  • I never keep all my money in one place, I think it’s better to keep some separate from your wallet just in case.
  • Always carry more than one credit card, at least two and preferrably one Visa and the other a Mastercard because they have different networks. (In case of a sytem downtime)

Well I think thats about it……..and if you have some tips you’d like to share, I’ll be glad to include them here. ( Provided of course it makes good sense huh? )


2 Responses

  1. Excellent! Thanks for doing this…it’s really nice to know that I’m not alone on a lot of these things.

  2. Well thanks for the affirmation note, by the way I think you’re site is great! Very informative…in fact if you have no qualms I’ll be linking you.

    Cheers mate!

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