Super Busy In The Office

Probably will not have much time to update, because I have two important projects to finish up which are almost due for submission.

Nobody really likes to do and then redo the stats all because the boss decides that he/she wanted new figures included which he/she originally didn’t want in the first place! Sheesh and when you’re dealing with figures six digits and up and it can be a little tedious. Still when the change is necessary, someone has to do it. Frankly I would have included them in the first place given a choice because it did not make good sense for it to be excluded.

Anyhow I have edited Sonific to play from 70% volume to only 50% volume due to some feedback. Funny cos it plays at the percentage according to what was initially set on your individual Pcs. Meaning if you set your volume high, then it would have played at 70% of your already high volume. At first I thought of removing it altogether but I somehow I love the playlist and the songs especially the first one L’air De Rien. Was trying to find the lyrics to the song by Eric Vincent but with little luck. From the bits I gathered from the song it’s about the air that we breathe and the earth etc. Pretty soothing in my opinion…..Kris if you’re reading, could you enlighten us a little.

Well till next…….


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