Movie – Step Up 2 The Streets

Starring: Briana Evigan, Robert Hoffman, Will Kemp, Cassie Ventura, Adam G. Sevani

I have always been a fan of Dance Movies regardless of genre, so I could hardly wait to see if this one was as good or even better than the last. And as my other half doesn’t share my passion, I went to watch it alone.

In terms of the overall dance routines well they aren’t exactly very fresh though there were some pretty amazing moves. Overall I would say I still very much enjoyed the movie, since the storyline was not too shabby and even had it’s fair share of humorous moments. ( I couldn’t help laughing when at one point the DJ shouted,” This Ain’t High School Musical!”) Also if you really gave it more thought, you might even say that it had a multi-layered storyline. It’s basically about a girl slowly maturing and making it out on her own, a boy fighting to live his own life by following his passion amidst living in the shadow of his elder brother, ‘misfits’ uncovering and showcasing their hidden talents etc.  The only slight problems I had with it was that the acting wasn’t stellar and the script could have been much better.  But HEY! it’s a dance movie and the dancing was great!  Besides the very last scene was definitely fresh, fantastic and must have been very difficult to do.

It’s a worthy sequel, some may even agree that it’s better. But go with the right expectations and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!  Besides the Cinema I was at must have been filled with Dance fans, cos they stayed back to watch a few more dance scenes even after the credits started.  They started leaving only when the credits were rolling on a pitch black background.

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