Pay By Finger No More

Oh well it was a good, secure and an innovative way to make payments by Credit Cards, that is while it lasted *sighs*

Perhaps in the near future they will have ‘Pay By Retina Scan eh?

Anyhow this PAY BY TOUCH Official message is from their website :-

Singapore Time 14:59 20 Mar 2008

Pay By Touch To Shut Down All Biometric Services Immediately

Biometric authentication transactions to cease at 11:59:59PM March 19, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO – (March 19, 2008) – Solidus Networks, Inc., dba Pay By Touch, regretfully announced today that it will no longer process biometric transactions on behalf of its merchant customers and consumer membership base, as of 11:59:59PM March 19, 2008. 

On December 14, 2007, Solidus Networks filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11.  As part of the company’s restructuring, it was determined that the enterprise could no longer support the biometric authentication and payment system as it currently exists, based on lack of funding and current market conditions. 

Other non-biometric Solidus Networks business units will continue on their current business paths.  

Solidus Networks extends its sincere gratitude to the shoppers, merchants, vendors, investors, partners, and employees who have been supporting the company’s vision since its first biometric payment transaction in 2002.

2 Responses

  1. Mr Rogers
    As I wake up this morning I find myself disgusted with your self centered me first approach.

    I came to PBT knowing the chance for success was 50/50. During my time on the front line I’ve become a true believer in what we’ve created and felt the odds had increased due to our budding success and ever improving results.

    Following many succesful meetings speaking with retailers/CPG’s and even consumers the receptivity of the smart shop/payments combo has been unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of selling. So much so that with true leadership I am of the belief that given the right business model, we had the value prop to make this dog hunt.

    Your ego combined with many misguided decisions pushed this once proud ship directly into our iceberg of death.

    In the process you made a mess of many lives who bought into the dream, we having stood by your side only to see this once capable ship come to an untimely demise behind a too proud incompetent captain who failed to realize his limitations.

    Defeat when you know victory was eminent is always the worst kind of loss.

    Our fate was sealed by your selfish/reckless behavior.

  2. Thanks for sharing mate and I feel your pain! 😐

    John Rogers is the CEO of Pay By Touch ….

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