Yet Another..”Kids say the darndest things”

Early Easter morning, I taught the kids how to wish everyone Happy Easter. A little later that early afternoon I overheard Kenan wishing his Godmother on the phone. This is what he said ,”Happy Mister Godma!” Then when Seth took over the phone I expected him to say it correctly, instead this is what he said ,”Happy Easter Egg Godma!” sheesh!

Oh and before I forget, during Mass in the morning the Priest was going around the congregation blessing everyone with Holy water. As he sprinkled some of it on us, Kenan our youngest was surprised and asked why the priest did that, so I explained to him in the simplest of terms that it was a blessing to purify and protect us from evil. He grinned and replied, “An Elephant did that to me once!” My wife and I tried extremely hard to keep a straight face.

He then asked if it was done every Sunday as he didn’t recall it being done all the other Sundays that he came to mass with us. My wife explained that it was only done on very special occasions like Easter. He then asked if the priest would be doing it again soon and as it was a curious question, she asked him the reason for asking it. He then replied ,”Well it’s because I’m already dry and need more of that protection!”

Towards the end of the mass, he was walked in front of me as I was queuing up to receive Holy Communion. Since he is too young to even receive Holy Communion and as he had his hand crossed on his chest, he received a blessing instead from the priest. After I had received the host I noticed some ladies smiling and pointing to Kenan. Apparently even after receiving his blessing, he had kept his hand crossed on his chest and was walking back with eyes semi-closed which looked more like they were fluttering, as if to show that he was deep in prayer! *chuckles*

Oh well till next time…….

9 Responses

  1. hahaahahh…

    can’t help laughing 🙂

  2. ‘an elephant did that to me once.’

    boy tt made me laugh!

  3. 😆

    Boy do I miss my childlike innocence….*sniff*


  4. Look out for the next entry which I will entitle “A Simple Yet Profound Lesson From A Five Year Old.”

  5. ur kid r so cute!!

  6. Thank you madame…. 🙂

  7. eek… make me sound so old!!! >.<

  8. orh ok then thank you ger ger….hee hee

  9. LoL

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