A Simple Yet Profound Lesson From A Five Year Old……..

So we were on our bicycle and on the way home from the Childcare centre, when from a distance I saw a heavyset bald headed man walking towards us. I was thinking about my blog entry ‘The Bald and Beautiful’ so I casually asked my son……..

Dad : Hey Kenan, see that Botak (Malay For Bald) in the black Tshirt….would Daddy look nice like that?

Kenan: You cannot call people Botak! Or they might get angry…..

Dad : Then how should I refer to him? Hairless man? Bald Headed Man? Man with No hair? What shall I call him then?

Kenan : I dunno what is his name yet…..

Dad : Woah!

Hmmmm perhaps one of the appropriate ways of asking the same question could have been, “If daddy had the same hairstyle as that man in the black tshirt would I look any good?” ( Then again don’t you have to have hair for a hairstyle? *chuckles*) or I could have simply said, what if daddy were bald like that man with the black tshirt? Would I still look as good? ha ha

*edited on 27 Mar to include…*Okay so Kenan will actually been turning 5 years old this July.  So technically speaking he is still 4 plus. *grins at sharkbait*

5 Responses

  1. kenan so smart!

  2. i am truly impressed….

  3. Wish the father was just as smart….*sniff*

    And thanks mates! 😉

  4. Whoa…is Kenan five already????

  5. Well since he is turning 5 in July….well…. 😉

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