OpenOffice.Org 2.3.1

Finally this time I think they got it right!  Over the years I had been looking for a good alternative to Microsoft Office because the software keeps getting more and more expensive to upgrade.  I was hopeful when StarDivision initially launched StarOffice but sadly it did not meet my expectations and after a while I just didn’t bother since there were quite a few compatibility issues with Microsoft Office.

Recently I downloaded 2.3.1 to try out and so far I must say I’m pretty impressed. I love the feature that the files can be exported on the fly to PDF without any additional software. is an office application suite available for a number of different computer operating systems. It supports the standard for data interchange as its default file format, as well as Microsoft Office ’97-2003 formats, among many others.

You can read/learn more about it at and now for the best part of it all….. This 120mb download of the full suite is FREE!! WOO HOO!

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