Parent & Teacher Meeting On Mother Tongue

Yesterday evening there was a session held to meet Seth’s Chinese Teacher and to have some idea of the school’s curriculum.

First and foremost let me just say that my Mother Tongue is English, after all Mom is a Eurasian! So if the meeting was on Father Tongue then I have nothing much to say about it except that I’m hopeless. Chinese is still pretty much foreign to me, though I might get by with a very, very simple conversation mixed with English of course. *grins* That is why I made a pact very early on with my wife that I would cover all the other subjects with Seth with the exception that she handle the Chinese subject.

The first twenty minutes was an address by the School Principal, thankfully in English. Which was then followed by an address on the School’s curriculum and a presentation with slides by a Chinese Teacher. And although I didn’t understand everything, I must say the school’s curriculum looks pretty impressive. Then at the end of it when we finally got to meet the Chinese teacher who teaches Seth, I took my leave and left Mrs Tan to converse with her.

Looks like I have to start scouting for a good tuition teacher for Seth….*sighs*

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