Weep For The Little Children….

Children are pure in the sense that they are not yet complicated by that of the adult life. And yet they are meted out harsh and sometimes brutal sentences by their parents, guardians or care givers! All because they either misbehaved or had little incidents or had caused little accidents. In a fit of anger or rage, the poor child suffers the wrath of the adult and the damage caused is sometimes irreversible.

Child Abuse is often associated with child abusers who have some form of mental illness, but it can also be by people going through extraordinary stress like a divorce, illness, drugs, alcoholism, poverty or they simply do not know how to handle or care for their children.

Perhaps if parents could hear some of the cries from the hearts of their children then maybe they will not be so swift with their harsh punishments.

For instance :- Mommy, Daddy I’m sorry……..

  • for peeing in my pants cos I didn’t mean to, I just haven’t learn to control myself.
  • for spilling the drink all over the floor cos my tiny hands couldn’t grasp the cup properly.
  • for making a mess of the dining table with my food. Please don’t starve me, I promise to try harder.
  • for crying so hard cos I don’t know how else to tell you that my milk is too hot.

There are many more incidents like the ones mentioned above that have been the cause of broken limbs, head and abdominal injuries etc.

I wept while watching this video forwarded to me by a friend on Facebook, it is about a little girl’s untimely death as a result of child abuse.

For your thoughts and consideration……


2 Responses

  1. heart-wrenching…

  2. Well it upset me for quite a while after watching the video on youtube so I just had to post something about it. 😦

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