Spring Rolls Take A Trip On The Train

Once upon a time……….naw scratch that! Today as I got into the train headed for the office, I noticed just as I was about to sit down that just a seat away lay a small transparent plastic bag of spring rolls. A bespectacled man who sat at the corner just beside it was fast asleep. Even though the train was not yet crowded and there were empty seats available, still it was an eye sore.

Then at the next station a couple got in and were looking for seats beside me, however they were one seat short because of the spring rolls. So the lady coolly sat next to the plastic bag which meant she sat on half the seat while the gentleman sat beside me. The lady probably thought that the guy who was sleeping beside her would wake up and feel a little embarrassed about it but he just slept on. At Ang Mo Kio station which was about five stops later, all of them got out. YES! even the sleeping man got up in time and walked out, so it is likely that the person who had left the plastic bag behind was long gone before that.

A guy wearing a Pizza hut delivery tee shirt then got in and sat beside it, you should have seen the stares he got from the other passengers as they started pouring in at the other stations to a now almost crowded train ….poor chap. Well when I reached my stop at Citihall I decided to snap a quick picture of the plastic bag on the seat before picking it up and taking it with me before leaving the train.

No I wasn’t trying to be a hero or anything, it’s just that the spring rolls were fidgeting in the seat so I decide to take them out for a walk! 😆 But seriously if anyone of you lost a plastic bag of four spring rolls TOO BAD! I’ve eaten them already…………..just kidding eewwww!

You know I was thinking……Why didn’t anyone else take it out in the first place? I mean it must have been there way before the ‘sleeping guy’ Well maybe because it would have been quite a distance to the nearest trashcan huh? Because ever since 9-11 things haven’t been quite the same worldwide. Hence there are no trashcans in the vicinity of any of the train stations or maybe, just maybe they were afraid that it might be some new kind of exploding device embedded within the spring rolls!

Oh well……


2 Responses

  1. so funny!!! some starving fool must have left it there..

    wouldn’t it be darn hilarious if someone were to pick it up there and then and started chomping on them 😛

  2. Correction sweets…no STARVING fool would ever forget the food, they might forget everything else but surely not the food! 😛

    Hmmm well at least that would have freed up the seat but he/she will still be subject to dagger stares as there is no eating or drinking on the trains what…. 😉

    Would you dare eat something left behind like that? Well if I were really desperate, I guess I would…. 😳

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