Mr Fix-It For A Day

Today I got into my handyman outfit and well one thing led to another and before I knew it…….hey wait a minute….it’s not that kinda story. *grins* You’ll see what I mean in a bit and by the way, there are no pictures taken of what I was doing or did cos I was just too busy so you’ll just have to use your imagination……hmmmm

It all began after breakfast and as I was walking along, I noticed a hardware store in the distance.  It reminded me that I had put off fixing the window casement latch which Seth somehow managed to break while trying to pull close the window in our bedroom.  The store carried only two kinds, one with a lock and key with four holes for screws and the other a plain one with only two holes.  The owner of the store told me that they were both standard ones used in almost all HDB flats, so I purchased the plain one because the original one at home was plain as well.

When I got home, I eagerly got hold of my screwdriver and removed the old one.  Then guess what happened?! Only one of the screw holes on the new latch could be used as the other one was too close and did not reach the existing hole of the window. ARRGH! So either all the existing window latches in my home were not the standard ones or the owner was pulling a fast one.  Then I figured well I would just have to go and get the one with the lock and key and I might as well buy two because I had another window which was the only one in the whole house without grills.  It was troubling me for sometime because of the safety concern for my kids. I had been looking for a way to lock that window when we were not in the room with them. 

So off I went to the hardware store again and when I got back……Damn! it still wouldn’t fit nicely! You’re probably thinking why I didn’t even take the measurements before leaving for the store the second time right? Well here is my answer….*whacks self on the head* I decided there and then that I was going to make it fit by hook or by crook!  So I went to the store room to get my power drill out.  The store room was so cluttered up that I took a good twenty minutes before I finally found the drill sheesh! Well then I decided to re-organise the store room first before proceeding with the job at hand.

Store room cleared, it was back to the window latches and it only took me twenty minutes to complete.  I then took a step back to marvel at my handywork when I noticed that the my bed was a little too close to the window and some of the burrs might have gotten on to it.  So I got out my heavy duty vacuum cleaner and ran it through the whole bed. 

By the time I was done my tshirt was soaked with perspiration, so I placed it together with the rest of the dirty clothes and started the washing machine.  I was planning to have a shower but not before having a cold drink and cooling off first.  And then it hit me that I had left my paper box of lozenges in the pocket of one of my shorts which was placed in the washing machine.  Fearing that it might clog up my Top-load washing machine, I quickly ran to take the shorts out to find that the box had already fallen out into the water.  I removed all the clothing and ran my hands through the water but all I managed to retrieve was bits of the mashed box.  

Oh boy! I drained the water out, and then unscrewed the wing nut which held the agitator down.  The winged nut and the bottom of the agitator was covered with soap and softerner scum/grime or whatever else you call it.  I had to remove it all by scraping the sides with a screwdriver and by the time I was done, I had a fist size ball of what I will now term soap ‘wax’.  I also managed to clear all the remaining mashed paper and whatever else was down there.  Fixed everything back and restarted wash………phew what a day!

So what was the lesson or lessons learnt today?  Well apart from the one on Murphy’s Law, there’s actually an age old phrase which I had forgotten prior to the adventure of the windown latch, and that is ‘A Carpenter measures twice, cut once!’

Here’s a reward to all my dear readers out there, please help yourselves to some virtual M&Ms. ➡


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