BI-Annual Visit To The BirdPark

Well as you can tell from the previous post last year, we visit the Jurong Bird Park regularly but I’ve since decided to do so only twice a year. The kids especially Kenan loves it there! Well I think I’ll just let the pictures do the talking…….Oh and there are more pics of the rainbow lorries cos I just love the colours on them.

He Ain\'t Heavy....He\'s my brother...

He Ain’t Heavy…He’s my brother…

Bongo Burgers

Lunch At Bongo Burgers

Beef Burger

Pasta With Sliced Ham

Finishing My Sausage Pasta….

Can you see the odd looking duck bill bird?

Posing with an Anchor…

So what is an anchor and model cruise ship doing at the bird park again?

And a Captain’s wheel….?!

I’m one with these birds….

Giant Grey Owl (No Flash Photography allowed)

An Owl flying past us….

Okay so it wasn’t a real one…..

The Laughing Kookaburra

Tried telling it jokes but it frowned even more….

A lone Scarlet Ibis

Don’t soak too long eh or your red might wash off! Just look what happened behind my head!

The whole family of Scarlet Ibises…..hmm reminds me of a certain stretch on Orchard Road…

A Sentinel Rooster Placed Together

( Apparently it’s more susceptible to bird flu hence it’s there for early detection)

White-Breasted Comorant….now if it would only turn…

Walking down a spiral staircase at the lorry loft….

A suspension bridge…hey it reminds me of Horton in the movie…

Black Mole the Lorikeet

If Nectar be the food of love…play on!

Meet my cus Third eye….

Nope not a camera trick…there’s two birds…*blinks*

Just call me bright feathers…

What an acrobatic show off!…hanging by his feet

Look here for a moment…..thanks..

Yup I can feed them on my own now….

Bottoms up ladies! Erm…not literally!

Seth having a go…..

I must not let go…I will not let go….no matter what..

Fake smile please…..yup that’s it….*snap*

Great view from the Gent’s toilet

Mirror..mirror on the wall…erm wait don’t answer that!

Oh so this is what it’s like being in the mirror!

Dad! the inscription says “For a barrel of laughs…sit on top.”

Now am I a vulture or an eagle?

Steller’s Sea Eagle

A Bald Eagle saying he’s not!

Great Pied Hornbill…erm mooning us!

Stop calling me a Dodo bird!

Broncosaurus Rodeo! Yeee Haar!

Birds Of Paradise?

Endangered Species….

I tot I saw a tweety bird?

I did…I did! see a tweety bird!

Upon this ‘Wishing Well’ we’d like to wish you well!

Good Tidings everyone! 

5 Responses

  1. I can see why you love the lorries; their feathers match your colourful personality. Lovely photos as well. As for myself, I enjoy the penguins the most. Especially the Humboldts 🙂

  2. You’re just so awfully sweet Kris…thanks, and the Humboldts are really indeed very cute but I have a preference for the majestic Emperor Penguins.

    *bear hugs* 😉

  3. awwww. so fun!!

    *pss* (out stretched arms) discount coupons 😛

  4. i haven’t gone there a long time

  5. Eileen : Mailing address? Or remind me the next time we meet up… 😎

    Neil: They’re not flying off anytime soon…so you’ve got ample time 😆

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