Helpful When Wet

Ha ha ha….sometimes I just tickle myself with the titles I come up with.

This afternoon as I made my way to the train station for work, it started to drizzle.  So I got my compact umbrella out, which just barely covered me and my backpack.  I say this with reference to my bullish frame *blinks*

Anyhow as I was waiting at the traffic light to cross the road, it started to really pour. To say it rained cats and dogs would be an understatement!  A poor lady standing beside me was getting drenched as she didn’t have a brolly with her, and just as I was about to offer to share my umbrella with her…she motioned to me the same question.  So we walked together under the shelter of my now ‘shrunken’ umbrella all the way to the train station which was about 100m away.  We then parted after she thanked me and gave me a grateful smile. 

Well half my body was soaked and by the time I got to the office I found myself not only shivering with the cold but that some of the contents in my backpack were wet too! Sheesh!

Still it was my good deed of the day! YAY! Not many of those these days……


2 Responses

  1. awww

  2. *cough**sniff* erhhh…


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