Religious Crimes Against Humanity

Mr RF: Do you believe in God….
Man : No…
Mr RF: *Bang*
Man : *Dies*

Mr RF: Do you believe in God….
Man2 : Yes wholeheartedly…
Mr RF: Do you believe in my God….
Man2: No…
Mr RF: *Bang*
Man2: *Dies*

Funny? Yes!…..Is this happening in this day and age?…..YES!

So why is it that throughout history we have witness these insanities but still parts of the world never seems to learn anything from the past?

What kind of religion or religious beliefs would condemn God’s creations and destroy that which the almighty had breathed life into? And then say it is God’s Will? The murder and torture of of men, women and children all in the name of God? Some say that they do so as they are on the righteous path to God’s Kingdom and they will get there by killing God’s children?

I often grieve for the victims and the families of such atrocities and yet all I can do is pray to God that his infinite wisdom and love will shine forth to bring his truth to the misguided people who commit such atrocities against humanity and against him.

If you do believe in God and in however way you perceive him to be, join me in this prayer to him …..and if you don’t then just hope that humanity prevails!

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