Bi-Annual Visit To The Night Safari…

Still contemplating on whether to post some pics of our visit simply because majority of the pics taken without flash did not come out well.  Blame the photographer…moi…because I didn’t have the patience nor a camera stand.  Tools which are normally required to photograph in the dark i.e. without flash.  And in case you were wondering why no flash? Well it’s because the animals in the Night Safari are nocturnal, hence their eyes are sensitive to light.  Prolonged exposure to flash photography can seriously damage their sight or even blind them.  But do all the visitors heed the advisory? NO!  Perhaps the recalcitrant ones, should be subjected to the same treatment eh?  Whenever they take a flash photo of the animals, a night safari photographer points a camera with a huge flash and shoots them point blank! Ostensibly to develop their photograph for a fee later. *grins*

Had dinner over there at the Ulu Ulu Safari restaurant, and somehow all the food we ordered turned out great! Hmmm perhaps hunger had a little something to do with it? Anyhow we had sambal stingray, a dozen satay sticks with ketupat, half a dozen babecued chicken wings, a grilled chicken served with a portion of buttered rice and vegetables and two glasses of sugar cane juice with lemon.

We did a short fishing cat trail walk before heading back to catch the 9:30pm ‘Creatures of the Night Show.’ The highlight of our evening was when they requested for a young volunteer to showcase the Small-Toothed Civet’s innate keen sense of smell.  Seth swiftly raised his hand up and was chosen instaneously.    Kenan was so thrilled that his brother was chosen that he stood up and exclaimed, “That’s my brother there!” and kept pointing in his direction as Seth made his way down to the stage.  Seth identified himself, and where he was from loud and clear but later on he appeared to be a little dumbfounded.  I guess he got a little stage fright by the audience roars of laughter when the show presenter asked him if he was married in jest.  Thankfully all he was later required to do on stage was to hide a grape in either hand, then extend his hands with both fists clenched and allow the Civet to sniff out the grape.  The Civet then selects the correct fist containing the grape by tapping on it, Seth in turn would then open up his palm to allow the Civet access to feed off on it.  In the end Seth was given a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream voucher as reward for his participation.

Another fun night! Though I must mention that I was sorely disappointed with our Tram Guide, not so much for myself but for the other visitors on board her tram.  She concentrated too much on sounding sexy when she should have paid more attention to her diction. Hence with the melodic intonations she was probably trained to use, she sounded as if she was a ‘working girl’ along ‘La Rue Saint-Denis! You had to literally strain your ears to hear if she was actually talking about the animals. *shakes head*

OH BOY! nearly forgot…..guess who we saw there?……….

*drum roll*

World’s Fastest Man!


Carl Lewis







Naw just kidding! He was there December 2006…heh heh~!


3 Responses

  1. So proud of my little ones!!!

    Yeah if Carl Lewis was there, you would have been standing next to him 🙂

  2. believe it or not i’ve never been to night safari

  3. Sharkbait : Will let them know…….and naw I’ll ask him to carry me! ha ha 😆

    Neil: I believe you…..especially since you’re not nocturnal….hee hee 😉

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