If Music Be The Food Of Love…..

Play on!

Well music videos to be more precise and I’ve been busy searching for them to load into my new toy.  In actual fact, I had to search on how to do it first before actually being able to load it and the results were fruitful. 

Honestly I have not watched a whole music video from start to finish for more than six years.  And it was a real treat to be able to get hold of at least thirty of them.  Some of them in my opinion are really quite sensual or sexy….woo hoo! In fact here is a short list of them in case you’re interested and in no particular order, though I will give special mention to Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game Video! *two thumbs up*

  • Chris Isaak- Wicked Game
  • BEP – Hey Mama, My Humps
  • PussyCat Dolls – Buttons, Don’t Cha
  • Nicole Scherzinger- Baby Love
  • Mariah Carey-HeartBreaker,Touch my body
  • Britney Spears-Toxic
  • Benny Benassi-Satisfaction
  • Christina Aguilera-Dirrty, Candyman
  • Eric Prydz -Call On Me
  • Kelis-Milkshake
  • Khia-My Neck,My Back
  • Kylie Minogue-Spinning Around
  • Madonna -Justify My Love
  • Narcotic Thrust-I like it
  • NERD-Lapdance
  • Red Hot Chilli Pepper-Give It Away
  • Rihanna-Umbrella
  • TATU-All the things she said
  • Tim Deluxe Ft Sam Obernik-It Just Won’t Do
  • United Nations-Out of Touch


 Wave your hands in the air
Like you don’t care
Glide by the people
As they start to look and stare
Do you dance, do your dance
Do your dance quick

*glares* So what if it’s old school!


2 Responses

  1. where do you download all the videos~ 😀

  2. Who said anything about downloading? *innocent look*

    For the record I do not download songs or video clips…if I do then it will be from Licenced pay sites!



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