Singapore Girl Wins Commonwealth Essay Prize

Wow I’ve read the essay off my sister’s blog and it’s nothing short of Amazing! And from a 15year old girl!  I absolutely loved it!

Click Here To Read it

2 Responses

  1. Amanda’s essay is very touching story which highlights the perceived generation gap between mother and daughter.

    “Never the twaine shall meet as their life experience is decades apart….as if they are living in different worlds. The only bonding factor is their relationship of mother and child.

    Its a story which young and old should read to understand how the young and old can co-exist in a changed world with different lifestyle, viewpoints and ideology.

    I would appreciate if Amanda could give me permission to reproduce the complete story (unedited) at “Blog to Express” at under the blog topic “Essay Blog”. Credit and acknowledgement will be made to Amanda accordingly.

    Thanks in advance.

    James Seah

    • Hi James,

      I agree with your assessment however all I provided here was a link. So you may want to track her down if you so wish though I do not see any issue so long as it is not edited and proper recognition and credit is given. After all the award winning essay was made public.


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