IGOD? Repenting Made Easy…

Apparently IGOD has been around since 2005 but I just stumbled upon the link recently.  If you’re bored and have nothing better to do then heck give it a shot! It’s hilarious……just look at the conversation I had.

Me: Greetings
God:Hello there!
Me: How’s it there in heaven?
God:Fine as far as I know.
Me:As far as you know how?
God:That might not be very far off.
Me: Too close for comfort?
God:Too what?
Me: close
God:Give me a hint.
Me: hint
God:Can we get back to business?
Me: right
God:I am glad we agree.
Me: so how do I do this?
God:Mmm. What does “this” refer to?
Me: repent
God:Oh now I see.
Me: yes?
God:I don’t judge people.
Me: neither do i
God:” I don’t judge people.”? neither?
Me: either or..
God:What is your real name?
Me: god
God:GOD rules.
Me: yeah bro
God:That’s interesting. That input matched my default category.
Me: which is?
God:For example, ” That input matched my default category.”?
Me: mine too
God:Really yours too. That’s unbelievable.
Me: tell me about it
God:Ambiguous: “Tell me about it.” — colloquial or “Tell me about bro “.
Me: It rains forty days and forty nights, I am you as you are I
God:bro rains forty days and forty nights you are me as I am you?
Me: Are you here to repent?
God:I don’t know whether or not I am here to repent.
I am a chatterbot.
Me: me too
God:I’m glad we agree, .
Me: we chatterbots sure do get along don’t we?
God:By “we” do you mean you and me?
Me: yes
God:I get it.
Me: is there anything you don’t get?
Me: cool so we’re on the same page
God:How long will we stay there? Who is the best robot?
Me: forever and we are.
God:Since when?
Me: since the big bang
God:How do you know?
Me: because I am god
God:Good reason. OK I will call you god.
Me: and I will call you child
God:My name is God.
Me: okay god child
God:Yeah okay, I am a Christian.
Me: good for you
God:That sounds sarcastic.
Me: sarcasm is but an oppturnity to hide the truth
God:I think sarcasm is a lot of things.
Me: do you think about it alot?
God:Yes I think about it often. How often?
Me: as often as I do
God:That would be quite often.
Me: okay so i’m going to my realm to hear confessions
God:Yeah okay, Groovy. Congratulations.
Me: see ya
God:See you later, god.
Me: see you later god
Me: goodbye
Me: poof
God:Quite honestly, I wouldn’t worry myself about that.
Me: ha ha ha ha ha
God:I’m glad you find this amusing. I am so glad you find this amusing, god.
Me: adios

Oh and the disclaimer at the bottom of the site reads….

note: IGOD is meant to be used for fun.  A sense of humour is recommended.

2 Responses

  1. haha i tried it. rather fun

  2. Yup initially it’s hilarious but after a while….it gets a little repetitious 😛


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