Our Singapore Flyer Adventure

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking but I will say that our day started very…very early. I got up at 5:45am to prepare the kids and breakfast. We then rushed to the MRT train station and took the train to City Hall. After which we walked all the way to the Singapore Flyer which took us about 15-20mins.

As ours was the first ride and on a weekday, there was hardly anyone around. Security was a breezy walk through, followed by the half an hour ride. The kids loved it! We then had brunch at Popeye’s then it was another rush back home as Seth had school in the afternoon.

We will most likely try it again for the night experience in a couple of months time…..

Cheers mates! got to go get me some shut eye!

7 Responses

  1. good morning all you photogenic people. 🙂 i love the view from your office too.

    hmm, when was the flyer opened to the public? when i was there it was still in its construction phase.

  2. wow..lovely pics! did u miss me? heheeh..i am still lurking around..just lack of updates..

    hey..wordpress so cool ah..allow u to have such thumbnail pics

  3. I have an invitation to the flyer too.. butbut I have a phobia for heights 😦

    Is it creepy up there, worth it? 😀

  4. Kris: The soft launch for the public was on 1st March but it was actually opened in Feb for corporate events.

    Eileen: Well I have been reading your blog regularly. Hope you’re all better now….and yup wordpress RULES! 3gb of space for pics and videos etc.

    Wither: You don’t have to worry, it’s SUPER SAFE and moves at a snail pace hence the half an hour ride which is only one revolution. And I’ll try almost anything once…heh heh…so YES it was worth the experience.

    *bear hugs all round*

  5. wither: my mom haf fear of height…bt she enjoy it 🙂 n dun mind gng back for another ride… she dun even wanna go for DHL balloon ride wid me agn sia 😦 bt she like e singapore flyer ride

  6. u know considering one revolution take 30 mins, wat if u need to take a piss? control for 30 mins?

  7. Unless you suffer from incontinence, do what I advise my kids….go to the toilet before you queue to board. 😉


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