Happy Labour Day Singapore! – MACID

What a public holiday?!  It’s just like an ordinary Saturday or Sunday with little or no fanfare.  Still I am absolutely thrilled today of all days because my laptop arrived! *Sigh* Only thing is, I have no time to play around and get use to the new OS as I had to leave for work. 

It has been so long since I have kept in tuned with the ever changing  Computer world, that I find myself a little lost and so have to quickly get my bearings right again.  I couldn’t even do a simple thing of getting connected to the internet, all because I had forgotten to inform my ISP of the Mac ID of my new modem sheesh! Well I have lots more to do before I can certify that my system is fully up and running at home and till then I guess I’ll have to blog from the office if I can ever find the time.

List Of Things To Do

  • Get Connected – Internet, printer
  • Install all the necessary programs and drivers
  • Restore all important backed up files
  • Restore emails, bookmarks and address books

And after that is done……figure out how to setup a home wireless system. Wish me luck…..

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