Not To Be Overly Inquisitive But Are You Still Alive?

Just love this little post card I got myself about 20+ years ago when I was on holiday in the States, and I never forgot how it read.

Yes I’m still alive and kicking, it’s just that I’ve been busy with my new laptop trying to figure out all that there is to offer in Windows Vista Home Premium Edition. Pity I didn’t partition my hard disk otherwise I’d be busier trying out Ubuntu a Linux-based operating system. *sighs* Would be great not having to install any anti-virus software etc. or so I’ve heard. Oh and YES everything or rather at least 95% is up and running fine! I even managed to setup my home wireless system all by myself. Yeah I know it’s no biggie if you’re tech savvy but at this moment I have to say that I’m more Tech challenged!

Right now there are currently three tech related stuff that are bugging me, which I feel I need to try and resolve as soon as possible.

1) My D-Link range booster doesn’t seem to be performing as it should! Imagine my wireless Laptop connection gives me a signal strength of 5 or excellent but with the range booster it only shows as 3 or good?!

2)PDF suite either has bugs or is not performing the way it should either! It hangs when it cannot read certain PDF files or some PDF created using the suite shows up blank under Adobe Reader. Sheesh! Also I have to constantly allow the program to run in Vista unlike Adobe.

3)The Laptop seems a little laggy when using the battery, but I believe this can be easily solved by tweaking the power management setup which was probably defaulted to optimize or rather prolong the usage of the Laptop.

Still I love my Laptop! Woo Hoo! Should have gotten it a whole lot sooner….

Ciao for now…..and Live Long And Prosper! 🙂

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