Internet Browsers Spoilt For Choice

Many moons ago the two major browsers i.e. on Windows OS were Internet Explorer and Netscape. But now we have so many browsers available that we are literally spoilt for choice. I suppose everyone has their own personal favourites, as for me I had gone through the phase of totally avoiding the Internet Explorer because of the many ‘attacks’ it got which made one fearful of browser death! As if an Internet Mob had a personal vendetta! Besides it was pretty laggy in the past not to mention lacking in features as compared to the other browsers.

IE 7 has improved heaps but I just don’t like the looks and feel of it. Firefox has served me well for many years, and at one time I even liked switching back and forth with Opera. I haven’t used or even updated Opera in a while but I have heard that it is still definitely one of the better ones. Tried Flock on my old PC and though it was pretty good, it just didn’t feel all that comfortable. Safari was super fast but there were some bugs I experienced while trying to do an online banking transaction. Also on certain sites the pictures came out horrid but on another browser it was fine?!

Currently I still use Firefox extensively because of it’s stability, reliability and feel. However I have just downloaded and tried Avant and I must say it is very impressive. In fact I am thinking of making it my default browser. I like the speed and ease of using it, but there is also this little thing in which I can triple click and it will select the whole paragraph of text. A feature which firefox doesn’t have, unless there is an addon which I don’t know about. Here is the catch….Avant actually sits on top of IE which means it it lays on top of Internet Explorer and isn’t really a browser on its own. It uses the Internet Explorer engine, but saying it’s a skin of IE isn’t fair either. Essentially, Avant Browser is a standalone application that loads Internet Explorer inside of it for browsing. Even so, it’s packed with powerful features that make it a real option for Web surfers looking for more options.

Well so there you have it……my current two favourite browsers are Avant and Firefox!

* Update on 8 May 08*  Just discovered Maxthon 2 which I think is far better than Avant!

2 Responses

  1. FF rules! 😮
    (because my blog does not look the way it is on IE 😐 )

  2. I use to say that too! 😆

    I still love FF but my default browser is now Maxthon 2 😉

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