Monkey Island Singapore

Did you even know it existed? I certainly didn’t and not that there would be any reason to, since there isn’t anything of commercial value on that tiny island. ( Not yet anyways)  But still in is an interesting project, and well if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor read on….

Extracted from their site ….

Monkey Island
the eco heart of Singapore

Due to ongoing urbanisation, there is currently no choice but to cull each year a number of longtail macaques (Macaca fascicularis).Monkey Island is a planned rescue center set in the natural environment of one of Singapore’s southern islands, Pulau Tekukor, where the displaced macaques are offered a unique and humane alternative. The island will be an international center for habitat research and for educational and eco tourism.

Monkey Island is the result of the interaction between PhiloZoophie and AVA, WRS, Nparks, NUS, NTU, SDC, STB and a board of advisors comprising international environmentalists, business experts, and education and tourism experts.

Monkey island is a national liability turned into an asset.



The Organisations Goals and Objectives :

  • To rehabilitate and integrate newly arrived macaques into viable social troupes.
  • To correct aberrant behavior.
  • To optimize the available environment
  • To manage sustainable breeding
  • Long term studies of the macaque population
  • Long term studies of group and individual rehabilitation
  • Preservation/restoration of the island habitat (unutilized since 1986).
  • Surveys of the island’s flora and fauna

Commercial Potential

On a national level, Monkey Island will add a new dimension to Singapore’s tourism sector. It enhances Singapore’s image of a garden city and promotes Singapore’s natural heritage.It will attract paying eco-volunteers from around the world, and it will offer guided interactive tours of the highest standard to attract and educate schools and local and international visitors.

Information For Sponsors

Also there’s a great Conservation Project to save Monkeys in Costa Rica, read more at

On another note……..there is talk of an upcoming multi-million project which will be yet another boost for our tourism industry if all goes as planned.  It will be located in the North Area……..shhhhhhh for now…..


4 Responses

  1. Haha monkey island, you gotta think, what are people thinking when they name places!?

  2. I know it lacks originality but hey it does aptly describe who or what the majority of the inhabitants are….ha ha 😉

  3. We are trying to save endangered monkeys in Costa Rica.

    Please help us spread the word. Every link counts! Thank You.

  4. Alrighty I’ll add a link to my post….cheers mates! and good luck! 🙂

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