Juleslife Freeware Utility Picks

Yup I know lately I haven’t been all that regular with updating my blog but hey there’s just so much for me to learn by exploring the Vista OS, on what’s new and the how tos of using the vast improvements over XP.  Thereby discovering it’s many shortfalls over the other OS available too *grins*, anyhow I’ve decided to list some of favourite freeware picks which has served me well.  Some of them, unless you really know what you’re doing should be used with caution whilst others are just fabulously easy and need I emphasise it again…..FREE!

  1. Irfanview – fast, small and easy to use 32bit graphical viewer which can be used for simple editing of pics.
  2. CC Cleaner – Great for clearing all the major browsers cache, recent documents histories, recycle bin,memory dumps etc and much more includes a registry cleaner though I for that I prefer another safer one which I use.
  3. Wise Registry Cleaner – obvious what it does yes? Anyhow there is free version which I use and a Pro version available for USD19.95 with many more features.
  4. IOBIT Smart Defrag – Fast, simple and great defragger!
  5. Freebyte Backup – Yes there’s a vast selection of backup software with auto-sync features etc. but I love this simple and easy to use one with no memory hogging stay at your taskbar sync manager.  It’s fast with an incremental backup feature.
  6. Lupas Rename 2000 – Great for singular or batch renames.
  7. Axcrypt – If you have Vista Business Edition then you don’t need this great and easy to use 32bit encryption/decryption software. 128bit when used with a key file. [Editor’s Choice]
  8. Compusec – Far more advanced Encryption/Decryption software with a whole lot of great features.
  9. Openoffice – Productivity suite of office features like word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, database, draw etc. Great alternative to Microsoft office, and can be used to save or open MS office files.
  10. Unit Converter – this is simple standalone utility which is great…no installation required.

I’ve actually got a few more but for now Happy Computing!

Cheers mates!

4 Responses

  1. i have been using ifranview for the longest time.. quite easy to use.. and great for simple editing when i am lazy to start photoshop 🙂

  2. Hello dear, you know you said the same thing when I blogged specifically on Irfanview sometime back? 😆

    *bear hugs*

  3. sheesh..i think i am getting old.. why am i repeating myself!? faint .hahahhhhaa

  4. aren’t we all? 😆

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