A Child’s Tribulation

Todays parents have more on their plate to worry as they have to contend with epdemics such as influenza (new strains), hand, mouth foot disease and bird flu to name a few.

Both my kids have had their fare share of ‘growing pains’ stemmed from either virus attacks, diseases or skin afflictions. Seth has a sensitive nose hence a sinus related problem such as a constant backflow when he sleeps which leads to a throat irritation and a bad cough. With daily doses of dhatifen and a nasal spray- fixonase the situation has improved. Then not too long ago he somehow contracted the Epstein Barr virus which I blogged about and that too has either been eradicated or seems dormant at this time.  Both Kenan and Seth have had a case or two of HMFD and stomach flu, thankfully they more or less breezed through them.

A few weeks ago Kenan had a severe case of Eczema which covered pratically his whole body including the scap.  But after a week of treatment and ensuring the soaps and detergent used were mild etc. the problem seems to have disappeared.  For treatment, we used a PP solution (Potassium permanganate) to clean the raw, slightly infected areas. Then applied Physiogel  which is a hypoallergenic lotion on the whole affected skin areas, as for the scalp we used Cloderm but only in the night before he went to bed.

Recently he has gotten a penal infection, apparently quite common for uncircumcised children if they or their caregivers don’t know how to clean properly.  So now with a course of antibiotics, a cream and daily PP solution wash he is on a fast track to recovery.

You know like most parents I sometimes wish they could be given something….I mean something safe which would give them immunity to all these! Hey a super power would be great….erm so long as parents can still punish them when they do wrong. ha ha

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