Dr John Demartini In Singapore

I managed to get a free DVD introducing Dr Demartini and his life changing program which I found very interesting and would definitely want to learn more about it.  I’m not sure if you still can get hold of the DVD since the two day program is about to start on the 24th of May to 25th of May but here is the link

Unfortunately I canot afford to cough up $1800 for this two day event so I guess I’ll just have to search to see if his book is available.  Apparently he is one of the stars from the movie/documentary that was released sometime back called ‘The Secret’.  And if you think it is all just marketing hype etc. I wouldn’t blame you as I too am slightly skeptical, but hey even for this event they claim to have a money back guarantee if you’re not convinced or satisfied with the program so there you have it.  So if I ever manage to find the book and read it, I’ll keep y’all posted alright?

The last life changing program I attended and still believe in to this day is Dr R Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People. 

The Ultimate Human Transformation Methodology
The Demartini Method ™ is the culmination of more than thirty years of research and studies in numerous disciplines including physics, philosophy, theology, metaphysics, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, neurology and physiology. It is a revolutionarily transformation method which results in a new and refreshing paradigm in thinking and feeling.

What once took weeks, months or even years can now be accomplished in a matter of hours. It is a foolproof and effective means of transforming any form of stress or conflict into grateful states of love and vitality.

The method involves the use of a pre-determined series of questions and actions directed toward the objective of bringing an individual’s conscious mind to states of presence and certainty, and to their physical body the feelings of gratitude and unconditional love.

The Demartini Method ™ is now being used in over 50 countries throughout the world and is being studied in a number of Universities. Millions of individuals have now heard of this stress reducing, conflict resolving and heart opening method. It is presently being introduced to psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, health professionals, prison workers, business executives, financial specialists, film producers, actors, politicians, and U.N. delegates. Anyone can benefit from learning how to use this most important and life changing tool.


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  1. Hi Jules

    I have a few things on my blog about Dr. John Demartini, including my experience of the 2-day Breakthrough Experience and other things. I’ll be starting my training this summer to become a certified teacher as this material has so greatly impacted my life.

    Do have a look and see what you think. (Dr. Demartini page and BE in Dublin). Well worth the money and time.

    Warm wishes


  2. Hi Fiona,

    thanks for sharing and I am eager to find out more about his methods etc. In fact I’ve already bought his ‘Break Through Experience’ Book and it will be my next book on the must read list right after ‘The World Is Flat’ of which I am currently reading.

    The link you provided silkandart.com seems to be a work in progress and honestly the page does not look good perhaps because of the resolution of the graphic you used. However I managed to get into the wordpress one through what was written and have read about your experiences. Well Dr. Demartini must really be something, for you to be so inspired that it inspires me to dive into the book.

    cheers 😉

  3. Hi Jules

    Glad to hear you felt inspired to read the book you have.

    The low-resolution buffer is no longer there so it might interest you to have a look at the other things I do now. I didn’t put it up and had little control over it.


    I went to Houston and did a training with Dr. Demartini so have really gone deeply into his method.

    Have a nice Christmas.


  4. Hey Fiona,

    Nice site! And good to see it up and running…..oh and I still havent got round to reading the book I bought yet…but will do soon.

    Happy holidays to you and all at home!


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