A Day At Viviocity

Met my family there after work to recce the assembly area where we will board our Coach to to KL.  The  shopping area was jam packed! especially since the Great Singapore Sale has started. 

Anyhow after an early dinner we found the area and even managed to sneak a peak into the interior of the coach and I must say it looks promising.  After a little window shopping we headed on to Coffee Bean to have coffee and cake befoe heading home.  *mental note* Mrt journey time from Harbourfront to Woodlands – one hour.


6 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to hear about your vacation to KL 🙂

  2. 🙂 Well you should be able to hear all about it, in the first week of June sweets!

    *bear hugs*

  3. And I’m now thankful that MRT ride from Vivo to Pasir Ris is… A fraction of that. 😮

  4. Hmmm I didn’t realise that….Oh and it’s nice to see an old familiar Avatar! ha ha

    By the way is OMY only in chinese?? ❓

  5. OMY is actually erm… Bilingual. 😳

  6. Alrightly…I’ve signed up with my one and only userid and wow they have a lot of formatting options just to post an entry! I probably won’t know what yours is cos I see majority of the users with Chinese characters for their Ids and currently all I see are tiny boxes 😳

    cheers mate!

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