Who? What? Why? When? Where? Oh Boy! How swiftly time flies!

One day you find yourself extremely turned on by Wonder Woman and yet have no clue what to do about it and the next you find next you’re married with kids and thinking what else have you got in life to do before it ends! Ha ha a little melodramatic eh? But that is what age will do to you when it catches up with you.  If you haven’t already guessed by now……well I’ll be turning 39 next month sheesh!

*sings* Regrets I’ve had a few, but then again too few too mention. I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption

Well instead of moping, and going through the birthday blues ritual….I’ve decided this year and hopefully all the years to come that I’ll celebrate LIFE!  I’ve had a semi-charmed one so far! So woo hoo! Great parents, sister, and kids! Hmmm I sense that I’m missing someone or something….Hopefully it will come to me soon, before that someone or something bites me in the you know where!

Okay before I sign off…*yawns* post night shift see….well anyhow the book I’m currently reading is freaking hilarious! I nearly burst out laughing on board the train to work when I read this…

The scene is at a bar when a young woman just offered to buy him a drink….

‘Let me get this….’ a voice, female at my elbow.

‘One of the finest phrases in our language,’ said I, without turning round.  I could see in the mirror that it was the bony-bunned creature, levering herself back up on to her stool.  Absoulutely love small women, they make my dick so much bigger.


6 Responses

  1. that calls for a celebration!!! *treat from the bday boy* wink wink hehehee

  2. Yay…you meant treat for the bday boy no? Muhahaha

  3. Almost over the hill…LMAO

  4. Ahem! Life begins at 40 or haven’t you heard! *glares*

  5. I’m beginning to not like birthdays… Don’t want to grow up!

  6. It’s like wearing a new pair of shoes, after a while it gets very comfortable. 😉

    Holding on to the past, is saying we haven’t lived our lives the way we want to, so put your best foot forward and start living the way you do!

    And HAPPY Birthday Sweets!

    I know it’s on the 8th…..but preparing you for it…ha ha

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