One Of The Latest Phishing Thru Email Alert

This one is a litle scary because unsuspecting users could easily fall for this one. 

  • You get an email (fake but convincing) from your bank’s security head stating that your internet access to your account has been blocked because of failed password attempts to access your account.
  • A gif picture or equivalent shows you a graphic scan of your PC and that it has been infected with malware or a trojan.
  • It request you click on the picture to download the latest 2008 Antivirus Software which will remove this latest malware or trojan for you, and that your own antivirus software will not have the latest of updates to combat this one.
  • Your windows security prompt will show you the file (something like and ask if you want to proceed?
  • Do it and you find yourself with the trojan or malware itself gathering as much information it can from you PC.  It may even stay hidden till you actually click to access one of your financial institution’s sites!

You have been warned!



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