Charity Begins At Home….

These days ‘home’ may actually refer to the world at large, since more and more people around the world are holding hands and contributing towards humanitarian efforts.  So how on earth did we get the idea that the world is a cold heartless place where only the fittest will survive?  Well I suppose, like most things in life there are two sides to every coin, unless of course there was an error at the mint. *grins*  Some are generous whilst others are not, some will contribute whatever they can whilst others will simply utter ‘Charity Begins At Home!…My Home!’ period

Well like most people I try to contribute whatever I can whenever I can, even if it is just a dollar in one of the those flag day tins which comes out almost every Saturday.  Then there is the church contribution, contribution to charities and adhoc contributions for the victims of world disasters like the recent Myanmar and China ones. 

 Have you wondered how the money collected is actually used?  Big organisations like the Red Cross of Singapore etc. will from time to time publish how much they have collected and how they have helped egs on 14 May 08 they raised 2.8 million for the Myanmar Disaster and over 1.8 million for the China Earthquake and they provided details of how the funds raised were put to good use.  

It is very rare or even unlikely that you’ll get statistics on how many lives were saved as a result or how many survivors’ lives returned to a level considered ‘normal’  Such details doesn’t really matter to me, but there are some who would ask such questions.  Without timely aid for the victims, the death toll would skyrocket and that should be everyone’s primary concern shouldn’t it?!

Recently I’ve come across World Vision Singapore, a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and their communites worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.  Of course always being the skeptic first, I did me a little research cos I was concerned that they were only out to spread their evangelical message through their aid.  However since their founding, they have been demonstrating Christianity through their deeds first and foremost; And more so than their words. 

What I like best, is their Child Sponsorship programme!  In which you can be an active part of the child’s life even if it is just in a small way.  After completing your sponsorship, you will immediately receive more information about your new sponsored child.  They will also mail you the child’s photo, and more about his or her life, including information about the child’s country and ways you can communicate with him or her.  You can sponsor any random child or one of your choosing from their site.  Finally you can do this locally, cos if I’m not wrong this sort of programmes were only available in Canada and the US. 

Click on the Pictures for a clearer and bigger image.

2 Responses

  1. A great supporter of World Vision is is a dual-purpose site for building an English vocabulary and raising money for under privileged children in the most impoverished places around the world.

    Check it out at

  2. Thanks for the info, just wonder who are the sponsors behind this programme? And I’ve placed a link to the left of my blog.

    cheers mate! 🙂

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