Retro Starbucks Yowza!

Did you know this? I certaintly didn’t…….well apparently back in 1971 Starbucks original logo was inspired by a 16th Century Norse woodcut.  The image was brown and of a twin-tailed mermaid or was it a Melusine? Anyhow with breasts showing and holding it’s tails in a somewhat suggestive position.  ( To me it’s just a logo for crying out loud!)  It evolved to the green one from 1987 to 1992 to the one we currently see today.

Get this…..they are considering bringing it back! Or has it been shelved????? Anyhow I prefer the green one simply because it looks more polished or crisp.  In fact instead of going retro why don’t they move ahead with the times and create a 3D version eh?

Group finds Starbucks logo too hot to handle

4 Responses

  1. hahahhaa.. i tot u were kidding..

    that logo is u g l y!

    why is she holding on to her tail? hahahaa

    hey..i need discount coupons for zoo hehehehe 😛

  2. Told you to send me you mailing address by email what? Hurry and I’ll post it out tomorrow morning.


    And why would I kid about something like the logo? 😛

  3. Nooo me like my green starbucks! 😀

  4. I knew that! 😉

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