A Dissenter…?!

I have often wondered what do these people stand to gain? Fame? Fortune? Personal Satisfaction? What drives these people to devote their lives to such a cause? Who are they actually fighting for? Revolution for whom? What about the way they go about their fight? Does it make any sense to you? I mean the name calling, the taunts etc.?   Oops I just realised you’ve probably have no idea what I’m rambling about…..

Well I just recently came across Dr. Mahathir’s blog and was intrigued so I thought I do a search to see if SM Lee Kuan Yew had one since I’ve always loved his speeches and his insights.  Instead I found Gopalan Nair’s Singapore Dissident Blog an ex Workers Party member who was bent on being disrespectful in his recent posts. 

Hence my questions in the very beginning, why would a practising lawyer in the US who has been a citizen for the last three years come back to Singapore to challenge our laws or governance? Where are his loyalties? What vested interests does he have?

U.S. lawyer charged in Singapore for insulting judge
Mon Jun 2, 2008 8:26am EDT

Well he got what he wished for…..

2 Responses

  1. Live a life with passion. you said it yourself.

    As an Australian citizen, the Aussie govt do know that our loyality is mixed between our birth country and our adopted country. However, the moment you leave the rim of a private citizen and take up public office, you need to be loyal to the country that you are serving.

    Terms like loyality and disrespectful are progaganda.

    In a way, you remind me of those Chinese students, they do not believe that the 6 June Tiananmen incident happen.

    Perhaps, ignorance is bliss.

  2. Hiya mate! Welcome,

    pardon me but you seem to be contradicting yourself, didn’t you begin by saying that once you leave the rim of a private citizen and take up public office you need to be loyal to the country that you are serving? Well that’s exactly my point.

    The second bit on the terms loyalty and being disrespectful are propanganda well if you mean he is in fact a propaganda machine then you’re absolutely right!

    On your last point, I have no clue how you may have come to that conclusion unless you believe it yourself. I on the other hand beg to differ.

    cheers! 😉

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