KL Trip 4th-7th June 08 – Part 1

We started the morning by having Mcdonalds breakfast at HarbourFront Centre. After we had our fill, we made our way to Exit A near the cruise centre to board our Coach to KL The aerodynamic design of the coach looked really good up close. As we climbed up the stairs to the second deck where our coach seats were located, we noticed the lounge area on the other end of the staircase which had sofa seats for six people and a large dining table in the middle. There were power points everywhere for laptops usage I’d reckon. The seats were comfortable and the whole coach not only smelt good but was pristinely clean.

Then as we set off, and announcement came on the inter-comm introducing the ‘Captain’ aka the driver and the ‘In-flight’ attendant. Also mentioned was the journey time and that lunch would be served a little later. After clearing customs at both ends, lunch was served followed by coffee,tea or milo and a desert, now is that service or what! English songs were played on board at mid volume and that was a treat for me as I had forgotten to pack my mp3 player. Then a little later a movie was shown but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was! I only remember the second one which was shown for the kids, now that one was Open Season. We made two stops, one was a twenty minute one for us to grab a bite and stretch our legs and the other a five minute loo break an hour and a half away from KL. I don’t know the name of the place for the first Stop because it was a new one for me, unlike ‘Yong Peng’ which I’m very familiar with. We made good time and reached our hotel at about 2:45pm.

After checking into our room which had a nice king-sized bed and an extra bed which we had arranged, we unpacked a little before preparing to start our little adventure. Armed with a map, I brought the family to KLCC where we were to take an LRT (train) to Dang Wangi Station. The KLCC train station was packed with rows and rows of people queuing to purchase tickets via vending machines as well as from a ticket booth. It was a little confusing as there were no signs in English to tell us if there was a child ticket available or a stored value kind of ticket. So I chose to queue at the vending machine line since it was shorter, and purchased four adult tickets since there was no ‘child’ option at the machines, only rows and rows of station names to indicate your choice of stop. We later found out through a counter staff at ‘Dang Wangi Station since it was not crowded at all, that children aged six and below rode for free! grrrr!

Oh well, we made our way out of the station and after a quick glance at the map took a three minute walk to Bukit Nanas Monorail station to take the KL Monorail which would bring us to our destination Imbi station. This is where Berjaya Times Square is located as we had planned to have dinner a little later at Restoran Oversea (A well known Chinese Restaurant). By the way, Bukit Bintang station is one stop before Imbi, which is where the Lot 10 area is at, where you can find the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Sungei Wang Shopping mall etc.

After a little window shopping, we headed on to the restaurant for a fabulous dinner! I only realised midway after wolfing down some food that I had forgotten to take pictures of the food as you’ll be able to tell later *chuckles* After the heavy dinner we headed back to Berjaya Times Square as ‘Barbie’ was making a life appearance so that her tiny fans could register and have their photographs taken with her. My sons were not in the least interested in having their pictures taken with her, but were curious to see what she looked liked in the flesh….erm so was their father. She was indeed drop dead gorgeous though the two photographs I took from a distance doesn’t do her justice.

Then an hour later after shopping, we decided to take a cab back to the hotel but had to wait almost 45mins before we finally got one. Even then the cab driver was a little reluctant to take us because of the heavy traffic jam that was in the vicinity of our hotel even though it was already past 9pm. We later found out from the cab driver that the jam was a result of the hike in petrol prices which was to take place the following day, so people were rushing to fill their petrol tanks. Our veteran cab driver weaved in and out of traffic and into small lanes etc and managed to somehow avoid the jam. He did this even though the route was much longer and would eat into his earnings as we had purchased a prepaid ticket at the counter at Berjaya Times Square. Well I gave him an extra RM5.00 for his trouble as he brought us back safe and sound and in good time.

Well that was the end of Day 1, indeed a nice small adventure for us!

psst…if you don’t already know by now…clicking a gallery pic 2 times will be give you the best resolution and size,

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