KL Trip 4th-7th June 08 – Part 2

The plan for Day 2 was a trip to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, so after breakfast at the hotel we decided to take a cab instead of an LRT ride to Kelana Jaya then a feeder bus. I already did a little research prior on the taxi fare and so knew it would cost roughly between Rm26-32RM. So just as we stepped out of the hotel, a taxi driver popped out and asked if we wanted a cab. He wanted RM40, but I told him I would not pay a dollar more RM35 besides we could always walk to KLCC which was less than 5 mins away to get a cab over there. He agreed and so off we went, by the way there were two toll charges on the way which came up to Rm1.60 of which he absorbed.

I had purchased my entrance tickets online prior to leaving Singapore as it was cheaper that way, however I had to exchange my booking for wristbands which had a deposit of RM10 each and a loss fee of RM50 each should they get lost or un-returned. I have to say that it was rather confusing whether you purchase your tickets online on at the counter booth because unless you have actually been in before you will only have a vague idea on what entrance tickets to buy moreover the names of the theme parks don’t all match what is available at the counter or online. egs. I purchased the Water Themepark + Amusement Park but had no idea whether it would include the rides at Wild Wild West, World of Adventure and G force and apparently it did! Apart from the ticket I mentioned there is also separate entrance tickets for the Wildlife Park, Scream Park and Extreme Park. Then there is the rule of no outside drinks and food, which they will enforce when they check you bags prior to entry. It is understandable that they want you to purchase the currently mediocre but pricey food available but to deny drinking water in is to me ridiculous! You have to empty your water bottles prior to entry!! Sheesh!

The kids really enjoyed themselves there even though we didn’t manage to make full use of the facilities and rides available due to the weather. Oh and I couldn’t take as much pictures as I would have liked because a lot of the rides does not allow you to carry on bags or cameras so we had to place everything in lockers. After a few hours shopping at the Sunway Pyramid mall we decided to have dinner at Michaelangelo’s. This restaurant is a far cry from the one in Singapore in terms of the ambiance and food selection cum taste. However as they had an offer where if you place two main course orders then the kids dine for free from their kids menu, we decided to given them a try. The food turned out pretty good and is soooooo much cheaper! Our bill came up to only RM97.05, heck I’ll list the items we had….1 fish and chicken Combo, 1 Grilled Ribeye Beef, 1 Fried Calamari, 1 kids fish and chips, 1 kids pepperoni pizza, 1 Tiramisu, 1 cappucino, 1 peppermint tea, 1 kids coke and 1 kids sprite.

After dinner and a little bit more shopping we got a prepaid cab voucher back to our hotel and this time it cost us only Rm29.60 inclusive of the toll charges.

Another great adventure…..end of Day 2

2 Responses

  1. pity we didn’t get to meet up mate.. i’ve never been to Sunway but it sure looks neat!

    think you would’ve enjoyed HRC with us and my Harley friends from KL.. we rocked hard that night.

    Lets do beers soon ya. Cheers!

  2. You got it mate! and yup PITY! Cheers! 😉

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