Severe Migraine Attack


I believe this morning at approx 0415hrs I suffered the most vicious and severe migraine attack ever in my life!  And it lasted almost three whole hours! Arrrgh!  I had cold sweat throughout and the throbbing got so bad I even vomitted.  Even the act of peeing amplified the throbbing! Not an experience I want to remember but since because both Panadol extra and Panadol Actifast didn’t help for the first time as well, I wanted some sort of record on what actually would help if I ever encounter this sort of pain again.  After managing breakfast, I made my way to the clinic and was prescribed Caffox (ergotamine 1mg, 100mg caffeine) and Naproxen (naproxen sodium 275mg)  Feeling much better in the afternoon I took anarex (Orphenadrine Citrate 35mg, Paracetamol BP 450mg) and went to sleep.  Although I am not prone to regular migraine attacks, this was certainly one hellish experience like no other.

Anyhow I am all better now…..cheers!


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  1. take care

  2. Thanks dear…*hugs*

  3. i had a migraine a few years ago. it felt like someone was try to hammer a nail into my head

  4. oh dear…

    sounds like a bad one.


  5. sigh….poor thing

  6. hee hee getting old…left bike at doctors????

  7. *Hugs and more hugs*

  8. Neil: yup got that picture of you in this post…heheh

    Eileen: *bear huggies*

    Liz : *bear huggies & more bear huggies*

    Sharkbait: Naw lah Madame met me there so I had to walk back with her first. 😳

  9. lol i didn’t really look at the picture wen i was commenting.

  10. Sounds like you may have high blood pressure. Do see a doctor and have it checked.

  11. Hi Joon Yee,

    thanks…in fact if you have been following my blog then you’d know that Yes my blood pressure had been a little high but with exercise and watching my diet it has improved. And No the migraine attack was not due to the high blood pressure but in fact I believe a combo of lack of sleep and alcohol though it was never this bad before. Anyhow all is well now….


  12. Dear, Mygraine can be because of these triggers – diesel smoke, alcoholic smell like paint, thinner, lack of sleep, irregular eating, work stress, financial woes, prograstination. That’s my main cause

    • Thanks for sharing Mus…cheers! 😉

  13. I am just recovering from a severe migraine attack. On Monday I went to work with the same headache I have had for three years although it has been worse the last three weeks. I started being sick and continued constantly for nine hours. Took paracetemol and codine but that didn’t work. I still had the headache on Tuesday but started being sick again in the afternoon so called the emergency doc who told me to take what I had been taking and diagnosed ‘a severe migraine attack’. On Wednesday I called my own doctor as I was no better and was given the same diagnosis but stronger tablets. Today, Thuursday, I can move, thankfully although I’m far from well. All I can say is that this pain is comparible to labour during child birth which was 36 hours excrutiating pain and I am not exagerating!

    • Hi Marilyn,

      sorry to hear of your suffering and hope you are all better now, wow you are one tough lady to be have survived 36 hours of pain! All I remember about my migraine is that I thought at one stage I was dying. I can’t imagine what it is like to have it over a few days gees! Hopefully your doctors will be able to do more to prevent future attacks.

      Take care now…..

  14. I really like your blog! You have wrote a really wonderful article on migraine. Thanks they are a great help!

    • Hi Emma,

      not really an article but thanks…Cheers! 😉

  15. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. I just googled severe migraines and was led to your post here. My husband of 13 years has suffered headaches for 5 years. We found out last Sept 2011 it was chronic migraines. We are now going thru the process of finding a medication to stop and prevent them, but nothing is working. My husband use to have such a big smile and bright happy eyes and now he looks mad at the world all the time. The pain that lasts for weeks at a time and only eases for less than 24 hours usually, has affected every aspect of our lives. He is beginning to go into depression because he has to leave work early, he cant spend time with our kids or do household chores…….nothing. I think it would be safe to say he has reached rock bottom. I cannot stand to see him suffer like this. If you have any suggestions, I am open to anything. Thank you!

    • Sorry to hear of about your husband’s predicament….I can understand your desperation in finding help for him but unfortunately as I am not medically certified nor have any background in medcine, by best advice is to seek out a proficient Doctor who will be able to help him.

      Perhaps if you would like to give me his name then I will pray for him by name. God bless…

      • Thank you Jules. His name is Steven. We are currently seeing a headache specialist out of state every 3-4 weeks. Trying different medications to find the right one for him is a hard process. Thanks again so much for your prayers!!

        • Dear Brandy,

          May almighty God grant healing for Steven, and may He keep you and all at home in His loving care. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen

          We will pray for you all in our family prayer.

          Hope you’ll let me know when he’s all better.

          Sent from Julian’s Mobility Pad….

          “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” James 2:17

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