A Little D.I.Y. For The Kitchen

I wanted something better than what we already had in which the grocery shopping bags we accumulate can be easily used to throw away our refuse. What we initially had were just clips to hang the bags from their handles, which can get a little messy when you’re actually trying to discard…. say scraps of food from your plate.

This is the before pic.

And this is what I finally got……

Brand Name : SimpleHuman

Cabinet Mount Trash System

Notice how the average bag is spread nicely over the handles at the side

And has a nice black cover to hide the nasties! Oh and the bag rests over

a spill guard tray which can easily be cleaned.

Below and at the sides are slots to store the unused bags

which you can pull out from the front.

YES I know most would rather install it inside the cabinet, but I don’t like the idea that the stench from some refuse could stay within the confined area. Though you can’t tell from the pics, the installation is done right in front of our kitchen sink.

Price $59.90 SGD available from Homefix Stores. ( And I’m not advertising for them….just thought I’d share this novel idea.)

8 Responses

  1. Wow! Now that’s something I could really use. 😉 I checked it out on the official website and it’s $29.99 USD.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. You’re most welcome madame….ain’t that the beauty of blogging? 💡 You never know when some of the information therein, might come in handy for others.

  3. i guess i will just make do with the pail and plastic bag on the counter top for now.. 😛

  4. Yikes! That can get very messy…. :mrgreen:

  5. Very nice

  6. Everyone at home is pleased with it… 😉

  7. Very Cool!

    I found this item on Amazon.com… gonna buy it now.

    • Well I think so too…..only slight problem after months of use is that the
      family tends to pile more than they should!

      Anyhow I still think it’s a great buy…..cheers!

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