Wow Experience At A Corporate Road Show

I’ve been a Singtel subscriber for more than ten years now and have been rather contented with their service.  But at a recent corporate road show I attended, I must say I was pretty impressed with how they went about reaching out to existing as well as potential mobile customers.  They had six models available from different brands which incl. Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and LG for $0 if you renewed or signed up for any two year plan.  And if you somehow didn’t qualify they had offers for handsets at $300 off.  I qualified and so got the LG KF700 set which retails for $788 for $0

Now comes the little ‘extra’ bits…..All who attended were given a box of two freshly prepared donuts and two $2 dollar vouchers for food purchases at ‘Lau Pa Sat Festival Market’  I even qualified for a lucky dip, and got a mini set of highlighters in a tiny bottle container but the lucky chap before me got $300 Robinson’s Shopping Vouchers Sheesh!  And he didn’t even come out with a cent!

wasn’t that great?!

Just hope I can still get hold of the Iphone at a special price when it comes out here!


*Extra*27 June*  I love the phone and almost all the features available.  In fact I think the packaging was nice and compact, in a sturdy and sleek black box.  My only frustration with it so far is that the PC Sync Suite Software that it came with is in a non-standard sized Cd-Rom(mini) which I cannot access using my laptop or desktop in the office.  As for certain touchscreen functions etc. I think ladies with their slender and nimble fingers are at an advantage for selecting what they want with greater ease.

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