On the day I got my new phone, an office colleague walked in and saw me struggling to put the screen protector on. He laughed and said he had the same problem, because he too wasn’t any good at it. In fact air bubbles and dust would still somehow creep in. He also went on to say that the free screen protectors that almost all the mobile phone companies provide were useless and that I should get myself the Martin Fields Overlay Plus.

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what cookies had to do with anything I was doing with the phone till I asked him to repeat what he had actually said. MARTIN FIELDS! and not Mrs Fields! was his reply. 😆 So I asked him how much it was and he told me that the price ranged between $16-$25 SGD. Well I told him that I could live with my free one instead…sheesh!

After a week, I decided to get it anyway as the free one didn’t look too great with the tiny air bubbles at the sides and some slight smudge and scratches arrgh!

You know what! It’s a whole lot better with the Martin Field’s one! I highly recommend it! It not only comes with a piece for the front but a tiny one for the camera at the back! These are it’s features….

  1. Crystal Clear ( really not kidding )
  2. Chemically coated for High Scratch Resistance Surface.
  3. 0.2mm Super Thin Made in Japan Hight Tech Material
  4. Mild Adhesive Used – No Air bubbles, No Sticky Residue on Screen
  5. Washable, Reusable, Removable, Easy to Apply ( Got the shop to do it for me…heh! )
  6. 99% UV Light Protection.

I don’t know if it available any where else in Singapore as in physical shops but I got mine done at Far East Plaza #02-98 Mobilesquare. I believe it is available at or you can order it online at

2 Responses

  1. Martin Fields’ screen protectors are one of the best, though the price is also ‘best’. Definitely much much better than the pasar malam equivalent (+/-$6). 😆

  2. Well if anyone else knew about Martin Fields I guessed at least you would know… 😉 I paid Sgd24.00 for mine.

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