Prosumer For LG?

I’ve been selected to be a prosumer for LG, i.e. they will give me a brand new KF 700 handphone which they value at $698 for a couple of tasks. 

Basically what I will have to do for it is to submit 3 blog posts by end of July and a one minute video teaching others how to make the most of the handphone. Problem is that the video bit is a little hassle for me.  I suppose I could use the phone video capability to do it….hmmm should I or shouldn’t I go for it? 

I’ve got till 9th July to decide…..any thoughts pals??


*update 07July08* Just collected the set today at…….

Officially A LG KF700 Prosumer 😆

6 Responses

  1. oooh. not bad leh..

    do a promo for them on your blog.. i mean no choice free lunch yah..

    touch screen phone~ cool..

    the video can be a chore.. plus u have to explain how to maximise the phone hehee 😛

  2. Thanks for the feedback Eileen, actually the 3 posts etc. are for their blog, but I suppose I’ll have to link them on mine. I’ll try and experiment with the video first on Sunday if I have the time using my *shhhhhh* sony ericsson phone…erm I mean how else am I going to do the video on using the bluetooth capabilty to sync the information with my laptop? heh heh. If it turns out so so or good then I’ll go for it! 😉

  3. just do it la aiyoh! hee.. x

  4. For you a thousand times over….ha ha 😆

    See update on this post…. 😉

  5. wah so sweeeeeet you! anyway, YAY!! new phone!! free some more! 🙂 OH! send me my photos! and your msn address… to my this email ah. thanks love! xox

  6. Sure thing luv….right away! xox

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